This is where I had painful results. I had a serious reaction to something in the lipstick (the next morning). It caused my penis to swell 2 times its normal erect width (but it wasn't erect). It was also red, inflammed, and itched badly. To get relief, I had to get a shot in my penis (OUCH!) and put a creme on it. It took about a week before it was back to normal. My advice - avoid these partys!
The results from the rainbow party left me with serious pain!
by Sore Jimmy February 27, 2006
A gathering where many girls wear different colors of lipstick. Each girl proceeds to give a blowjob to the boy or boys that are attending the "party." The color of lipstick that the girl giving head was wearing then rubs off onto the boys dick. After every girl at the party gives the boy head and all of their lipstick rubs off onto his dick, the penis ends up with what appears to look like a rainbow of colors on it. (The girls at this party are usually classified as sluts/skanks/whores)
guy 1: "Dude. This rainbow party is bitchin'!"

guy 2: "Hey man, do you know where the girl wiht the red lipstick is? she'll complete my rainbow"

guy 1: "Yea that smut is over there blowing some other guy."
by a premiscuous girl June 19, 2006
1. A made up word to scare parrents

2. A party/orgy where all girls wear different colored lipstick and suck all the guys penises -- leaving a rainbow effect on it

3. A party/orgy with a lot of people from all different races, African, Calcation Puerto Rican, Asain..
4. A homosexual party/orgy
2. "N---a I'm ballin'; My dick been through every color lip gloss" - Lloyd Bank
3. Hey I think I cought jungle fever from a chick at that Rainbow Party last night
4. Silly Billy called all his friends to come to the Rainbow Party
by randy [blur] robbins March 23, 2005
A party where girls each where a distinctly different color of lipstick, and at the end, boys compare with each other how many marks they have in a judge of coolness.
Even kids in junior high have rainbow parties.
by Zabbazooey February 05, 2004
To recieve fellatio from many different girls with different colored lipsticks so your "unit" appears to be rainbow colored
" I had fun at the rainbow party."
by Joe Moe January 22, 2005
A sexual party with two or more women and one or more men. The females perform oral sex on the male(s). The colors of the lipsticks are left on the male's penis after oral sex--making the penis resemble a rainbow when many women have perormed oral sex on him.
"Lisa was the best at the rainbow party--crimson always beats red and blue!"
by EvolNation December 03, 2005
A bunch of girls come to a 'Rainbow Party' and so do a bunch of guyz. The girls each put on a different shade of lipstick from the rainbow, and then they all get in a circle, guy girl guy girl, each girl sucking a guyz dick, leaving a colored print on the guys dick, eventualy each girl gets each guy and each guy's dick is like a rainbow.
You get dah point.
by LaQuinetta April 20, 2004
When a crowd of girls give one or more guys a blowjob wearing different color lipsticks. This causes the penis to have different shades on it, therefore making it look like a rainbow.

Note: Has nothing in particular to do with homosexual orientation (though it could)
Taylor wore red lipstick, Vicky wore orange, Sarah wore yellow, and Caroline wore green. They sucked intensely at the rainbow party, almost like a hoover. That was all I saw because the dick had cummed with those colors on it. I bet the other girls felt left out...
by Enriq March 20, 2006
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