This is where I had painful results. I had a serious reaction to something in the lipstick (the next morning). It caused my penis to swell 2 times its normal erect width (but it wasn't erect). It was also red, inflammed, and itched badly. To get relief, I had to get a shot in my penis (OUCH!) and put a creme on it. It took about a week before it was back to normal. My advice - avoid these partys!
The results from the rainbow party left me with serious pain!
by Sore Jimmy February 27, 2006
its a party where oral sex is given to guys, there are multiple girls and they all where different colored lipstick and they all leave their color on the guy. hence the rainbow
by Bea October 02, 2003
A type of party where a large group of young girls compete to see who can mark their unique lipstick color furthest down on the shaft of a boys penis. Rainbow parties mostly likely do not exist but if they do that would be awsome.
You will not find a pot of gold at the end of rainbow parties, but their is an occasional pearl necklace.
by christopher hitchensNHM November 16, 2007
When a young group of teenagers goes to a party and each girl wears a different colored lipstick. Then all the boys line up and each girl proceeds to "go down" on the boys. The girl with her lipstick farthest down on the most boys is deemed "winner"
"'Mom! My throat is too sore from last night's rainbow party!' 'It's ok, sweety, you can stay home from school today'"
by NicoleCousins September 09, 2005
The first time I heard this term and probably the first time anyone ever heard it was on the Oprah show in the summer of 2004. The show was entitled, "Do You Know What Your Teen is Really Doing?" Oprah invited a guest which obviously was hip and hop and all that and could easily infiltrate those naughty secretive teens to see what they were REALLY doing.

Get this, There is a SECRET LANGUAGE of TEENS! No wonder parents can't communicate! So the guest described to the world completely esoteric terms such as "Rainbow party" and "hoovering".

Since then, the term 'rainbow party' has been overly-used, and has even earned an episode of HUFF, in which a teenage boy goes to a 'rainbow party' and his parents later find lipstick on his underwear.
Oprah: Whats a rainbow party? Is that like, some event for PFLAG?
Guest: Oh no no no! Don't let those dirty slutty teens fool you.
Oprah: Oh, I won't!!
Guest: See, a rainbow party is... get this... a party that only about a couple of people actually do in the real world, but we decided to tell everybody cause YOU COULD BE NEXT!
Oprah: Gasp!
by Sam January 06, 2005
A party where many girls put lipstick on and give guys oral sex, produing a rainbow pattern on the male body part.
Only sluts go to rainbow partys
by Krn-Z October 02, 2003
A party where maultiple girls each put on a different shade of lipstick, and suck off a guy. Hence, the guy will have a "rainbow" colored dick.
"Yo Sarah, what color are you wearing to the rainbow party?"
"What's a rainbow party?"
Well, Chrissy, if Sarah wore red lipstick, and I wore purple, your dick would be purple and red."
"Oh. Oh God."
by xblackmamba06 May 23, 2004
In the US, it is apparently a euphemism (or media-invented myth)for rather lewd naughtiness (see all other definitions). In the UK, it means jelly, ice-cream and dressing-up as Zippy, Bungle, Geoffrey, George, Rod, Jane or Freddy and singing "The Wheels on the Bus". The latter seems condusive to a much more satisfying experience.
Yank: Dude, I'm so emotionally crippled and shallow, I went to this badass Rainbow Party last night. Now I feel even more empty and my dick's kinda itchy.
Limey: I say, old bean, I had a Rainbow Party last week! We all had a beezer time, despite Bungle having eaten too much jelly and ice-cream.
by chris wheelie June 15, 2005
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