In the enlish lands of enlang a person going down on a women on her period is right also in some of the US.

But, the most recent i found out is when a guy gets a few chicks together. Each wearing a different color lip stick. Each girl trys to get the lip stick the furthest down on the guys hard penis.
John decided to get his girl and friends to rainbow kiss him.
by ShadowJester January 21, 2005
a homosexual kiss
Hey did you see that guy give that other guy a rainbow kiss?
by King Shit January 18, 2003
When a female is recieving oral sex on her menstral cycle and the person performing kisses her afterward.
Betty gave sarah rainbow kisses
by Liz November 19, 2002
simply performing oral sex on a woman when she is on her period.
'just because im on the rag doesn't mean u can't lick me out'
'shit no bitch i ain't givin you no rainbow kisses'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007
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