During a girls menstration the male performs oral sex and takes a mouthful of her blood. While the male has blood in his mouth the girl performs oral sex and takes a load. They then exchange a passionate kiss with their body secretions in their mouth through a kiss
When Sean was giving a rainbow kiss, to Vanessa he got a case of the red teeth.
by Killer Joe July 12, 2006
When you kiss someone while wearing rainbow lipstick, leaving a beautiful rainbow kiss mark on their face.
She gave him a rainbow kiss.
by Eternities22 July 14, 2016
The act of a guy jizzing in a girls mouth and a girl getting period blood in a guys mouth, then kissing and sloshing it all together
Luke and I rainbow kissed last night... Never doing that again!
by Kingshockey66 April 07, 2014
A rainbow kiss is when you have multiple girls or a single girl give you a kiss with different color lipstick on.
You need to have lots of colors to have a rainbow kiss.
by Iranoutofideas May 18, 2015
When you have sex, when the gurl iz on her period. Both partners suck the gurls blood and the boys cum into their mouths, and then they french kiss then swallow the remenants.
Katy : Me and Jim performed a rainbow kiss last night!
Jill : Did the cum taste nasty?
by Lupe Fiasco April 22, 2006
This is when you kiss a women after licking her out, while she's on her period. The period blood should collect in your mouth and during the kiss you pass it onto her.

NOTE: If you wanna try this be aware that you can actually catch HIV from doing this as you're swaping blood.
"My boyfriend gave me a rainbow kiss"
by Blooddiamond21 August 31, 2007
when you go down on a girl during her period
girl a 's'pose nothing happened last night cos it's that time of month'

girl b ' actually he gave me a rainbow kiss'

girl a 'never had a guy game enough to do that to me b4'
by lantern January 22, 2007
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