A rag-tag disorganized group of weekend hippies who exercise their first amendment right to gather on the 4th of July weekend. They illegally gather in groups of tens of thousands in remote, pristine areas of public land. Despite claims to "cleaning up after themselves," the Rainbows destroy protected wilderness areas often trampling upon endangered plants and making life difficult for endangered animals. While Rainbows pretend to be a non-organization, they act in an organized fashion to devastate environmental areas in the name of celebrating "Mother Earth." Despite some similarities between their belief system and First Nations belief systems, Rainbow Family members frequently trespass upon and desecrate indigenous sacred lands. They ignore the pleas of native elders to respect and refrain from gathering upon sacred locations.

Most Rainbows are well-behaved, but a significant minority steals to gain money to get to Rainbow gatherings. They will also shoplift supplies needed for the gathering. Given the extent of drug use among the Rainbow Family members, it is no surprise that violence is much more common than these "peaceful folks" care to admit. Rainbow Family culture is still far more sexist than they admit. The women do most of the work at the Gatherings. The men generally look to get laid. Rainbows are well known for permissive policies regarding drug use and sex. STD's, particularly disease resistant strains, are common among the Rainbows.
I hear it'll be decades before that part of the park recovers from that Rainbow family gathering; they have completely fucked it up.
by Wompii the Magic Rabbit February 25, 2011
Top Definition
The group of people who come together for a rainbow gathering once a year to celebrate and promote peace and love and camp out in the woods for a week. The idea is everyone is everyone else's brother/sister and we should love them so.
"We come here (to the rainbow gathering) every year to meet our rainbow family."
by Fleursie July 14, 2006
A group of people sometimes called the rainbow people who are commited to peace and nonviolence and live in communities commited to the equality of all and equal ownership or properity. They meet in the first week of

July each year in national parks and anyone who wants to can come who doesn't pratice violence ect.
John has joined the rainbow family.
by Deep blue 2012 March 14, 2010
A group of people who pretend to be hippies each during the fourth of July. They illegally gather in pristine wilderness areas in gatherings of 20,000 people or more. These gatherings frequently devastate the immediate environment and destroy endangered plant species. Rainbow family latrines commonly contaminate water sources near their gathering sites. Despite having stolen much of their ideology from First Nations peoples, they routinely ignore tribal elders requests for them not to gather on sacred native areas. Though they claim not to have any well-defined beliefs, rainbow family participants are something of a monoculture. Likewise, though they are called the rainbow family, there is much less ethnic diversity than one might think. Like the primitive cultures they appear to mimic, rainbow family society tends to expect women to do much more of the labor that makes their festivals possible than men. Despite all the talk of spirit and love and other nebulous concepts, they think little of stealing from outsiders if money runs short.
Oh my god, there's going to be a Rainbow Family gathering near here this year. We need new locks.
by Gerbil 990990624 February 08, 2011
(Also "rainbow babies") Children by the same mother, but of fathers of different races.
Yeah, she's got one of those rainbow families - kids every color of the septic tank.
by bB March 22, 2005
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