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A bunch of colors, usually 5, 6, 7, or 8. It can be bright or pastel, but it usually at least has blue, green, red, and orange (a small rainbow). A large one has blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink.
Rainbows are colorful.
by THEYWiLLNEVAHKNOW! June 04, 2005
11 19
A smart-ass blonde who is smarter than most brunettes. She has blues eyes and she is also very magical and more special than you think.
I love you Rainbow!
I love you too!


*Run off a be magical*
by Sunshine, Lollipop & Rainbow July 12, 2009
1 10
When a man gives oral sex to a woman while she's got her period.
"He gave her a rainbow."
by Kiki Diki January 16, 2009
25 35
A gay term describing people such as Jake jillenhall.
person 1: "Dude you are such a rainbow"

person 2: "I thought i was gay..."
by bumfuck December 09, 2007
0 11
Pure 'Gayness'...Yeah
Boy 1: "RAINBOW!"
Boy 2: "gayness -_-"
by maurin August 21, 2005
21 34
1. Some colory thing in the sky when the suns out and it's raining

2. The act of a girl having her period in a guy's mouth and then making out with him.

3. A game played by girls where they put on different colored lipstick and make lines on the guy's penis in rings, it looks like a rainbow (note the name)
1. Look at that rainbow.

2. Last night when she was on her period, she rainbowed with him.

3. Last night those bitches rainbowed him and then afterwards his penis looked like it had gift wrap ribbons on it.
by jsmooth13 January 12, 2006
18 32
1.) A ray of light showing many different colours.
2.) Small creature which crawls up your leg and into your rectum, and then proceeds to bite the inside of it.
1.) What a beautiful bunch of colours in that Rainbow.
2.) Ow! That rainbow bit my ass again.
by Bob Dole March 26, 2003
8 23