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collection of girls with different color lipsticks competing who can deep throat a penis the best.
it took me four weeks to get the smile off my face after volunteering for putting on a rainbow party
by james oliverio February 01, 2006
A party at which all of the girls wear different colored lip stick/ gloss and have oral sex with guys!!
My penis looked like a rainbow after the Rainbow Party at Taylor's house
by George M. February 24, 2005
When a male recieves oral sex from different hoes with different shades of lipstick
i had to wash my penis after the rainbow party.
by Pimp Master mo April 08, 2007
When a bunch of teens get together and give oral sex.
"Hey jeffrey", "What?", "Whant to go to a rainbow party on saturday". "Shure", "How many people do you think ill screw".
by T-Money-In-Da-Hizza-Houze November 23, 2003
well besides the Oprah making the whole thing up...it is now a book! where an oprah follower got an idea!
book guy:
wow i believe oprah because she has her own tv show and thinks she know everything
Oprah: yes i do think i kno everyting and have a tv show
by sarah jones June 11, 2005
a party where girls wear differnt color lipstick and suck the guys there's dick and who ever has the best "rainbow" wins
guy 1 :i cant get all the lipstick off my cock

guy 2: must have been a wild rainbo party

guy 1: sure was
by lil jon March 10, 2005
This is where I had painful results. I had a serious reaction to something in the lipstick (the next morning). It caused my penis to swell 2 times its normal erect width (but it wasn't erect). It was also red, inflammed, and itched badly. To get relief, I had to get a shot in my penis (OUCH!) and put a creme on it. It took about a week before it was back to normal. My advice - avoid these partys!
The results from the rainbow party left me with serious pain!
by Sore Jimmy February 27, 2006