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A Rainbow party is when a bunch a girls get together and suck a guys dick with the different coloured lipstick. It leaves the guys dick with a rainbow effect. This is good if a guy wants to wank without porno magazines or movies. Who ever sucks the furthest wins
We had fun at the rainbow party...I sucked with red and Mandy sucked with Pink...he had the two colours of the rainbow and he was already cuming hard...
by b2basulja October 04, 2006
I party where girls wear diffrent colored lipstick and suck guy's dicks. The guy with the most the color on his dick wins
Hey man there was a rainbow party, and I won!!!
by Got Milk November 23, 2005
A party where girls each wearing different colored lipstick
give blowjobs to the guys, the marks left on the guy's penis are the colors of a rainbow. Contrary to popular belief, this was not a term made up by Oprah, it was brought about in a juvenille fiction book called "Rainbow Party."
*washing hands in a restroom*

guy 1: dude what's all over your hands?
guy 2: oh I just left a rainbow party
guy 1: man you rock
by Al386 June 06, 2006
A party where girls put on all different colours of lip-gloss and lipstick and then take turns applying these colours onto a certain private part of a guy's anatomy until he has a "rainbow" assortment of colours. The guy at the end of the party with the most colours wins.
Zoe: "I got invited to a Rainbow Party today."
Emily: "Well, are you going?"
Zoe: "No, wtf, that's disgusting."
Emily: "I'm hosting it. And your boyfriend won last time, btw."

rainbow party girls boys lip gloss stick guy sex
by twitter.com/jacksonkids March 12, 2010
very fun party for guys.
-Dude didnt you love that rainbow party?
-omg my penis was magical.
by lovelovelove2828 June 02, 2009
A Rainbow Party is, in all actuality, so that guys can brag to each other how popular they are. The girls wear a different colored lipstick each, suck off the guys they think are hot, until all of the do-able guys have been revealed. Then the guys count how many colors they have, and compare.

Ladies and gentleman of Urban Dictionary, it IS real! I had a good amount of girls in my class, year 2000, come up to ask if I wanted to join. There were pictures all over the school, not in the eyes of teachers, that I got to view and I was quite ashamed! Never even heard of Oprah talking about it, and neither had any of these girls. I assure you, Oprah did not make it up!
John could not believe how many colors he had on his penis! He thought surely he'd only get three at the very least. The sudden boost of confidence he felt was well worth the unease he had had before he joined in on the rainbow party.
by Miss Spider August 08, 2009
A Rainbow Party is the act of at least 2 seperate woman (or men) applying different color lipstick and sucking one or multiple mens penises give there genitalia a rainbowish color
You'll never believe what happened, sasha and monique? Gave me a rainbow party last night, i still havent washed my penis if you wanna see
by masonator February 14, 2012