Eating out a girl on her period n gettin blood in ur mouth.
support exeter city fc
by alex the greek March 26, 2003
wen you lick and suck a girl's pussy and you get all her blood in your mouth and the girl sucks your cum
i licked a girls pussy and the blood dripped down me while she bent down to suck my dick and drink my cum
by blink 182 fan May 06, 2003
rainbow kiss is a part of nature
kissing a girls fanny wen shes on her periods and getting blood allover
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
When a female is on her period and the guy shoots sperm onto the blood, licks it up, then kisses her.
I rainbow kissed your mom, and she loved it.
by Jello March 16, 2005
To put different bodily fluids such as semen and a girl's period into a glass (or not) and drink it
Mmm, that rainbow kiss tasted musky!
by Matt August 14, 2003
when girls all put on different color lipsticks such as red orange yellow green blue and purple rainbow colors and take turns giving a guy head so it looks like a rainbow on his dick
Billy almost got a rainbow kiss last night from that group of girls.
by anonoymous May 14, 2004
In the enlish lands of enlang a person going down on a women on her period is right also in some of the US.

But, the most recent i found out is when a guy gets a few chicks together. Each wearing a different color lip stick. Each girl trys to get the lip stick the furthest down on the guys hard penis.
John decided to get his girl and friends to rainbow kiss him.
by ShadowJester January 21, 2005

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