When a girl os on her period and the guy sucks her pussy and the girl sucks his cum and they exchange in a kiss....
U gave Sheran a rainbow kiss last night...heavy and colorful ...
by Danienellie August 10, 2006
When a guy eats out a girl with her period then she blows him then they kiss with all of the stuff in their mouth
Ew you gave a rainbow kiss you nasty!!
by Lexi November 25, 2003
When a blokes cums in a womens mouth, while the bloke eats her pussy getting a nice mouth of blood. Then they kiss and mix the cum and blood together.........nice!
"I got a nice rainbow kiss off Sharon last night"
by The expert April 09, 2006
When a girl is on her period and a guy licks her out.
Can also be when a guy licks out a girl when on her period and he kisses her after licking the pussy and transfers the period blood back into her mouth.
Only a real whore would attempt this.
1. I just gave this girl a rainbow kiss
2. You are fucking disgusting!

1. Never try a rainbow kiss, you will throw up
2. I know, me and this whore did it last night and we threw up in eachothers mouth !
by what was that! August 27, 2010
an extention of red socks
once red socks has been achieved the couple kiss and exchange the expelled blood
girl: shall we rainbow kiss now

Guy: (muffled) mmm hmm
by james J.D.R. April 08, 2011
when a girls on her period and gets licked out then gives him head and they pull straight after.
im on my period finally so now we can have a rainbow kiss.
by doovde January 10, 2008
To have a Girl stand over your mouth while she is on her period and to bleed thru her pussy into your mouth!
I Gave Avatar_pk3r1 a Rainbow kiss and he Loved it!
by Mitchell Lockwood December 29, 2007
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