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Rainblow is the practice of having several females, each wearing differant colored lipstick, performing oral sex on a man. This will leave a rainbow effect on his penis.
The girls at the party last night gave me a colorful rainblow.
by Thomas Russell December 10, 2005
When a girl performs Oral Sex on you while she is eating Skittles.
Guy: Dude that chick gave me a Rain Blow in the bathroom!
Guy2: No Wai!
by PeteyLX12 February 16, 2009
Rainblow is when you are performing oral sex on a man, and its really big, your mouth starts to water down the shaft as your gag reflex kicks in, ,and then use it for lube, as you are jerking him off and sucking his cock
"The guys cock was so big lastnight, I had to rainblow him"
by Perkynips2001 July 07, 2005
A practice, common among hetersexual men, of recieving felatio from homosexual men. This stems from the belief that homosexual men give better head.

It is important to note that participating does not compromise one's sexuality.
Kris, feeling stressed out, decided to get rainblowed by his neighbor.
by Blu57nav November 21, 2005
When a man gives oral sex to another man.
Last night I gave my pal Tom a rainblow!
by CarlyAndMatt August 19, 2009
When a whale spouts water with the sun at the correct angle, the viewer sees the "rainblow".
Rainblow off the port bow Captain!
by jpeg1024 January 10, 2016
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