A slang term for the Captain (O-3) rank in the Army and Marines. The term comes from the Captain rank insignia, which is two wide bars connected by two thin cross-bars, resembling railroad tracks crossed by two railroad ties.
Damn, Lieutenant Carter used to be really cool, but ever since he pinned on his railroad tracks, he's just pulling rank and treating all his old buddies like shit.
by Gyreneisms December 11, 2011
Top Definition
dental braces(probably a reference to the way dental braces look)
I would rather not have to wear such huge railroad tracks.
by Light Joker April 20, 2005
Shit stains in the underwear
Carl didn't wipe his ass properly after he took a huge dump. He noticed railroad tracks in his underwear at the end of the day.
by dizzleshizzlenizzle November 19, 2007
Scars that run up and down ones forearm due to excess drug/needle use.
"Did you see the railroad tracks on that guy?"
by Shep08 November 03, 2008
when your getting head(blowjob) oral sex and the person giving the oral has snake bites.
HA that girls has some gnarly railroad tracks.
by coltycol April 16, 2010
The state of being immensly awesome such to the point that it is indescribeable by any other words but Railroad Tracks
We're so railroad tracks.

The movie Hamlet 2 was definitely railroad tracks.

Icky boys are sooo not railroad tracks.
by Ben Cobblestone 19 September 12, 2008
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