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A synonym to the term "retard" that is used to help the user appear more politically correct, but not as politically correct as "mentally handicapped". Some people view it as an exercise of a "half ass" mentality, unable to stick to one's belief or judgments fully, thus meeting in some sort of middle ground.

Some people have also been cited to use rahtard in place of retard simply because they cannot spell "mentally handicapped", and they do not wish to appear "mean".
Person A: "Those mother fucking retards piss me off!"
Person B: "Dude! Say "rahtards", you'll hurt their feelings!"

Person A: "I'll bet you don't even know what a rahtard is!"
Person B: "Someone who uses the pseudo-word 'rahtard'?"
by webgovernor June 22, 2009
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not to be confused with retard. this word describes people who are not legally disabled but impact your life in an adverse or erroneous manner regularly. They may also be the people that you see in the airport or mall that make you feel completely secure in your daily life. In the right situation they could potentially cause your death. aka momo
Dude, that rahtard (male) totally has a tramp stamp!
by bjcols May 12, 2010

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