Is the term usually given to the Pep Squad at school; A Cheer Leader or anyone associated in 'The Spirit' of a function, group, or activity. Other names used for Pep Squad; Cheer, Pom Pom's, Yell, Yell Leaders, Spirit Squad, and Mascots

Rah Rah's can also be the friends who hang out with Cheer Leaders. It denotes a specific social group or click
Right before the start of a Pep Rally at the local high school a group of Rah Rah's were chatting it up, waiting for their cue to enter center stage of the gymnasium to perform their new routine.
by t-tapper May 31, 2011
Top Definition
a person who was born with a spoon in their mouth, usually of the silver variety. They will have recieved a private education and at least one person in the family will be into ponies. They will wear silly clothes and their lack of integration leaves them with a very unique sense of fashion. They look down at the common folk and daddy drives a land rover vogue. Will generally own a "new Mini" and drive around in their car bought for them whilst wearing a body warmer of sorts. Floppy hair and lots of cheek kissing. Girls will be called : Hatty, Poppy, Ellie, Tabatha, Tamar etc. They will never carry a bag over the shoulder and would rather carry more books than they can manage under one arm. There are few problems with the types until the university stage where they are released into society. The naive pomp of these fools can often lead to violence. Degree courses will include law, politics, English or History.
I have to leave the library, there is no way I can listen to these rah-rah dicks shitting out their mouths for any longer
by Alex June 15, 2006
Talkin' Sh*t. Tryin' to get loud on somebody.
Joe called me yesterday with some Rah Rah sh*t and got cussed out and hung up on.
by DRM December 22, 2003
Someone who attends private school, has messy blonde hair, lives in Berkshire, plays rugby, has an Aga, holidays in the Caribbean, knows someone who knows a member of the royal family, has an investment banker father, has a Range Rover, will go to Durham or Bristol university to study languages and is called Jeremy or Jemima.
Rah Rah! Like sooo rah. Raaaaah.
by theurbandictionarydon April 27, 2011
The newest, and trendiest, form of the colloquialism "brah." 2014 comin' atcha'.
Guy 1: Who the FUCK took my Anal Acrobats DVD?!
Guy 2: Yo, chill rah-rah, you let me borrow it the other night.
Guy 1: Oh, that's right. Sorry, the PCP makes me a little moody sometimes.
Guy 2: It's all good, rah-rah.
by SanduskysTouch January 27, 2014
noun - a tantrum or angry outbust, usually used as "have a Rahrah". Rahrah is to anger what Wahwah is to whinginess
teacher: *gets angry, yells at student*

student: aw well have a rahrah!
by Jerry54 May 12, 2009
A stuck person who thinks he/she is so special and posh that they are just simply a rah rah!
Rah rah on the phone chatting about dinner parties and such things 'Oh yes those girls over there are just so below me, they live in a semi detached house and I live in a mansion on a private road' Oh she's such a Rah Rah!
by The Bitch 80 November 01, 2011
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