An esper that exsisted in the age where the "War of the Magi" took place. Its power is so great that it condensed into matter. As a sword it imparts to its user the spell Ultima.
Now you shall feel the wrath of Ultima, the product of the infinite Ragnorak
by Gnow Nebuer September 07, 2003
Top Definition
1. Common misspelling of Ragnarok.
2. Something you say when you're feeling completely random.
"You mean Ragnarok, right?"

2. "..i like coconuts...ragnorak..."
by Icecap Veiwin December 21, 2004
The end of days in Norse mythology, when the frost Giants of Jutenheim and the fire giants of Muspell attack the gods of Asgard, many die on both sides and the world is reborn.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
Twilight of the gods in Norse mythology.
The Ragnorak is where the Aesir battle against the Vanir and humanity is destroyed as a side effect.
by RE June 11, 2003
The giant battle between gods and giants where everyone dies. All except for a dragon 2 humans and a squerrel named jeff.
anti-big bang effect
by k1llu2 May 02, 2004
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