Messed up… as in u had a rough night
yo girl you look raggedy as hell
by av September 08, 2004
Top Definition
1. Slang word for, torn up, or messed up.
2. Nasty, really ugly.
1. (Reffers to the non-quality jewels being solf to him.)
Joe - "Damn yo shit is raggedy as fuck niggy!

2. "Don't bring yo raggedy-ass self in here, leave your dirty ass OUTSIDE."
by Emily December 18, 2003
A person who wants to hang out with friends but never has any money cause they don't work! Always begging for something!
If you don't have money, to pay for your dinner, take your raggedy ass home!
by BJ July 20, 2004
A slang word to describe a woman's mood during the wrong time of the month.
That Carolyn....she's so raggedy today. The sherrif of red town must be playing havoc with her juicy axe wound.
by Raggedy Anne October 11, 2006
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