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When you pump a girl full of cum then throw her down the stairs like a rag doll.
-Do you think that redneck hits his wife?
-Chyeah, he probably used her as a raggedy anne last night
#sex #doll #sexual position #hick #violent
by Franklin D. Roosevelt May 04, 2006
A sexual act that occurs when a guy does a chick on the rag, who then pulls out his penis to wipe it off in her hair, resembling the hair of the famous Raggedy Ann character/doll.
It was her time of the month, so I pulled a Raggedy Ann on her when we finished!
#blood #period #penis #dick #rag #raggedy #ann #anne #hair #sexual act #sex act
by Dr. Roz November 06, 2013
When getting fellatio from a woman, you grab her by her hair instead of the back of her head, you then pull back and push her head down via her hair, treating her like a ragdoll that gives head.
Hey saw you talking with Jenny at that party last night, you guys left together, how'd that go? Great man, she gave me the best head of my life, she even let me give her the old Raggedy Ann
#raggedy #ann #terrible #sex #head #blowjob #mistreatment of women.
by Jeff Prubistseachowitz April 24, 2007
ugly red head; girl with pasty white skin,flaming orange hair and knows she is ugly.
How did those raggedy ann's find husbands? dude must be color blind.
by suzannette July 21, 2005
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