A drinking game similar to speed quarters. When a player fails to make his quarter bounce into his shooting cup, he risks entering a "cage" where he must drink beers to remove himself. As the game progresses, anger may develop, and the cage becomes a "rage cage." If the player can not drink himself out of the rage cage, he is eliminated from the game.
Bobby claims to have never been caught in a rage cage, however, those who play rage cage with him know better.
by Spencer1326 March 05, 2007
Top Definition
When men gather at Mr. Tan's house to get totally wrecked only to dance off into the night and end it with extreme vomiting and alcohol poisoning.
Man that rage cage at Tan's house was fucking crazy, I almost died.
by michael covin March 03, 2008
Drinking game similar to fuck you peter or slap cup. Players bounce ping pong balls into empty cups. If they successfully bounce the ball in on their first try, they can pass their cup to anyone on the table. A successful bounce on any other shot,you must pass immediately to the left. The objective is to bounce your ball into a cup before the player on your left and then stack your cup on top of their cup. Thus, the stack, or cage gets larger and larger. The player stacked on drinks one of many cups from the middle as the game continues. He must drink quickly to avoid getting caught IN THE NADO! The NADO or tornado is the seemingly endless barage if drinking for a single player. The last cup to be drank in the middle is the death cup which usually contains close to a full beer or has shots of hard liquor in it as well. Occasionally, players like to include various fruits in the death cup such as the clementine, which was popularized earlier in January 2014.
Dickie: do you guys want to play rage cage?

Everyone: dude, it's a Monday night.

Dickie: But we could get Sam in the NADO so bad.

Tom: alright Dickie. Let's do it. But when you come into the cage, expect consequences.

Isaac: clementines in the death cup?

Everyone: fine.

Isaac: Alright I'm in.

They begin to play.

Reed: As long as those nonners don't crash into the fucking cage, I'll play.

Gar: fucking nonners!

Christian: I can't play guys. It's girls night.

Dan: for once, could you just be for the boys?

Everyone chanting: We need more dicks! We need more dicks! continued

Dickie: god I love rage cage.
by Lil dickie February 06, 2014
To party hard like a large, vicious animal enraged in a tiny cage.
"Yo, lets rage cage homie!"-crackhead
"Can't man, got work tomorrow, dawg."-juanito
by phocitybish April 06, 2013
a campsite in which multiple people party hard, or "rage" if you will. often involves various substances and live music. if one wishes to observe or partake in rage cage they are found in plenty at festivals
"anyone want to head back to the RageCage and and refuel before lotus?"
by DoctorSpaceman October 30, 2011
The instense anger and total rage an indivual feels when they come into contact with the image, thought, or mention of Nicholas Cage.
Do you think if I post this picture of Nicholas Cage on Meg's facebook wall she'll go Rage Cage?
by chromagirl December 30, 2013
A person with a massive rage, dude! Not like in bad-mood but like in rage, dude. When a person rages on and on people can reverb to them as in: Rage Cage to the super max.
Joey, you're such a Rage Cage! Stop Ragin' Cage!
by Snagel April 11, 2011
A van used for partying typically with no bench seats, Usually littered with porno and beer cans the Rage Cage used for cramming and jamming. The Rage Cage usually can be spotted easily with its vibrant graffiti and stickers covering the entire vehicle.
"Hey Fellas, Im on my way in the RAGE CAGE"

"Lets all go to the skatepark, but why drive separate cars when we can fit everyone in the Rage Cage?"

"The fucking Rage Cage"
by Skelatorrr January 04, 2012
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