When multiple men administer a roofie to a girl, place her in a cage, and then gather around the cage and jack off.
We rage caged that bitch until 3 am.
by The Grimreefer January 22, 2008
A type of enclosure where a person is summoned when they have consumed too much acid, ecstasy, Ketamine, etc., or all of the above to de-rage themselves.
Marv, you are over-haggling so hard right now, you need to get your ass in the rage cage!!
by Nitrous Pitas July 31, 2008
A drinking game similar to speed quarters. When a player fails to make his quarter bounce into his shooting cup, he risks entering a "cage" where he must drink beers to remove himself. As the game progresses, anger may develop, and the cage becomes a "rage cage." If the player can not drink himself out of the rage cage, he is eliminated from the game.
Bobby claims to have never been caught in a rage cage, however, those who play rage cage with him know better.
by Spencer1326 March 05, 2007
A confined space where one goes to expel one's rage.
If I ever find the person who keyed my car, they're going to step into my rage cage.
by ozmodiar August 24, 2004
where a white man who is into asian chicks takes asians into his office for squat thrusting
he took kim lee into the rage cage for some afternoon delight.
by ron vergandy September 19, 2007
One situation from which you cannot escape and makes you always angry.
This business meeting was a rage cage.
by RedStar9600 June 27, 2016
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