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A man or boy who is a complete and utter moron about a woman's time of the month, i.e.; her period. Behavior towards her would either exhibit itself in his stupid remarks to his friends about "acting like an insane psycho", or being "uncontrollable emo" ( usually like he acts 24/7/365, a full-on douchebag) - or oddly enough, still wanting to have sex and then making up foul, imbecilic, and non-existant sexual occurances to then gossip to his punk ass friend later about.
Trevor, "My girlfriend's on the rag and she's turned into the shebeast from hell, when she isn't crying like a bitch, she's trying to rip my fucking throat out and eat it raw...*sob*..."

Michael, "Aww shit dude...why don't you try a dirty filbert on her when she isn't looking and then flip into a redheaded clamback...then you can tell us all about it later...huh...huh?"

Me, " guys are such rag tards...and I'm standing right here...stupid fucks."
by adelews September 19, 2007
A term to define a females behaviour while under the influences of PMS. She is on her rag, and retarded.
My girlfriend is being a ragtard lately, so I'm sleeping on the couch.
by britnoglas September 06, 2007
A mentally handicaped female whom is of age of menstration how ever has never been or does not understand the need for some way to soak up panty waste, in turn just menstrating on the floor.
"Aw fuck I have to clean up all this period blood this rag tard dumped all over the floor."
by Saeyot January 14, 2010
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