1) A doll made of rags.
2) To throw someone about and move them around really fast.
3) A type of cat.
Wow, that ragdoll sure is ug-ly!

Ha! I just ragdolled that bitch!

My ragdoll cat looks like a plush!
by Lesbian seagul September 23, 2007
(n.)A woman you can normally visit and toss her around a bit... you know what i mean.
She's usually donw for anything without emotional attachment.
see fuck buddy
"Let me call Julie up, she can be my Rag Doll for the evening."
"I hired my secretary cuz' she looks like a total Rag Doll."
by Bewtyhole Destruction September 16, 2008
1. Adv. Used to describe a sloppy, flailing, and pathetic motion that most commonly occours when having several spinal nerves severed, or one in a wheelchair is pushed off a large set of stairs or a ledge.
2.N. Anthony Scalamere III, professional skateboarder, who was dubbed Ragdoll for his sloppy, flailing, and pathetic bails. The rest of his skating is good though.
A.That kid with muscular dystrophy is moving so ragdoll-like.

B.Holy fucking shit! Atiba just shot Ragdoll bailing his shit off the Hollywood 7!
by Spankey November 22, 2004
A term used by the boogeyman in reference to sally (the nightmare before christmas). usually referring to someone slightly crazy but extremely hot.
"That girl is a total Rag doll. "
by Kalimey August 18, 2008
when you are moving along somehow on a bike or running or something and you fall over or trip of something.
you take a rag-doll or rag for short.

he took a rag.
by Goose On The Loose December 18, 2007
a person you could easily throw away or have dissapear and no one would miss or notice they were gone.
oh man, jack is such a rag doll! if someone got rid of him no one would even notice.
by askeifkkk September 15, 2007
A term used when a male is having sex with a very small girl (ex. 5 feet) where he can handle her like a "ragdoll".
"Dude! I totally ragdolled that girl last night. She was so small!"
by Philip. June 27, 2009

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