The act of using the apparent danger of your vehicle ( usually a car) to force someone into a structure by turning into them. This usually forces them to stop or turn away as you slowly cut them off.
Hahah! Did you see that? I just rafted the shit out of that hyundai!

I say when Kayla is trying to merge we raft her into the guard rail!
by douggle07 May 16, 2011
Top Definition
(verb) to ride someone or something as though it were a raft; to dominate or own; to destroy
Dude I just rafted that test; I got at least a 99%!!

We are totally going to raft them in the game today! Their team sucks!
by THEMAN59012 June 01, 2009
the vehicle of choice for cubans attempting to enter the united states illegally through Florida.
cuban chicks must be fugly! Thats the 160309540808e-2 raft i have seen this week!
by shooter August 03, 2005
To fart loudly...
'wow that was a big smelly raft!'
'who rafted in the lift?'
by Evil-Ernie May 19, 2003
Noun: raft - a mutual friend that you intend to use to connive your way into your love interest's heart, you sneaky little thing you.

Verb: to use a mutual friend to get close to your love interest.
N: hey man, you're friends with Abby, right? Will you be my raft? We can all go to the movies together so it wouldn't be awkward.

V: we went out to the movies all together. I was totally rafting on him.
by Jei578 May 20, 2014
A clan of lesbian vampires that live in a sea cave off the shore of Scotland
,,, raft
by xr3zxz September 07, 2009

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