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a person who likes an artist for a song they heard on the radio, and not because of any other songs. Similiar to a band-wagon sports fan.
Person 1: "have you heard eminem's new song When Im gone? its sooo good!"
person 2: "no its shit, u damn radio fan."
by crescexi January 13, 2006
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someone who claims to be a fan of a band, when in fact the only songs they know by that band are the big hits (especially the new hit). Similar to radio fan (two words) but radiofans actually claim to be big fans of the band who's hits they like.
radiofan: "I love Korn. They're best band ever."
Korn fan: "What's ur favorite Korn song?"
radiofan: "Evolution. It's definitely their best song."
Korn fan: "No it's not. Have u even heard any of their other songs?"
radiofan: "Yeah, I've heard Coming Undone and... uh... "Twisted" something and... I don't know. But Evolution's their best.
by Nicky Jones December 09, 2007
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