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(Noun) Can be applied to any band, singer, or rapper who produces a shit album with only two or three good or catchy songs that get continuous amounts of air play on the radio. In the past, before iTunes and internet piracy became popular, this was a good way for record companies to swindle people out of their money, but now with the advent of the ability to purchase single tracks consumers can buy the song they want and not have to pay for ten or fifteen other songs that they will never listen to again.

Though none of this has stopped the radio bands from doing all the same things that they have been doing since their inception into the radio waves.

Another characteristic of radio bands is that they usually sing about vague topics, such as heart break, the delusion of fame, being an average Joe, and an occasional sappy love song. Then, taking the vagueness of their song's meaning a step further, the music video that corresponds with the song will feature either a montage of people they pull off the street, a couple fighting over one of the partners dependence on alcohol, crying children, wife beating, a teen romance, and other similar clichéd images that they stuff in to make the song and video seem like it could be about just anybody. (Sometimes the members of the radio band play characters in these little skits, but other times they’re just jamming to the song on some random soundstage decorated to fit the music video’s mood and tone, leaving struggling actors or some random fan that needed the money BAD to do the dirty work.)

Not to be confused with one hit wonders.
Person 1: You hear that new Seether album yet?
Person 2: Yeah...Don't waste your money. Those two songs that's been on the radio are the only good ones on the whole damn thing.
Person 1: So they're just another radio band?
Person 2: Exactly...
by LindsayLouWho? January 01, 2009
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A song or group that a litte bitch doesn't like because its played on the radio since people like it and isn't found in the shitty bowels of the internet.
Dude, i dont like Metallica because they're a radio band
by JBowers June 15, 2008
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