One who has no loyalty to a radio station or group of stations; one who constantly changes the program while en route in a vehicle, including mid-song, to try to find something better, even when they are just seconds from getting out of the car; One who "owns" the radio when in a vehicle, regardless of how well you know them or who legally owns the ride.
I rode with Carla on the way over to your place...she is such a radio whore.
by lostkey February 05, 2010
Top Definition
Radio whore: one that listens to radio shows and attends every single remote that offers free food and give away items.
I'm a radio whore, and if it were not for radio remotes, I would starve and go around without clothes.
by Black Adder August 06, 2006
Someone who constantly texts/calls into a favorite radio station in hope that they can become a regular to the show. They then brag to their friends about being on the radio and if they heard them each time.
Girl - "omg, did you hear me on the radio...again"

Girl to friend - *Whispers* "God, she is such a radio whore, who cares?
by Benenenenen November 07, 2010
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