A 'current' in feminism that views gender relations and sexism as the direct result of a system of patriarchy and an androcentric (male-centered) society. Radical feminists go beyond critiques of legal systems, and critique the entire culture of gender and sex.

Radical feminism aims to challenge and to overthrow patriarchy by opposing standard gender roles and androcentrism, and calls for a radical reordering of society. These suggestions often include the abolition of gender roles, the support of GLBTQ rights and liberation, the restructuring of the family, and economic changes to end any gendered privileges.

Radical feminism has been around for a long time, but really began to developed into its current form during the Second Wave of feminism, and further evolved with the Third Wave, in which feminists began to explore the way sexism affects and is affected by other forms of antagonism and oppression, such as class and race.
Dude, I totally learned about the system of androcentric domination and oppression after taking a class on radical feminism. I feel both a sense of liberation and a responsibility to, like, aid the liberation of others.
by CrawdaddyJoe November 13, 2010
Top Definition
A hate-speech movement which aims to eliminate the rights of men and non-feminist women and deny people the freedom of speech. Adherents of the movement use the actions of men and an imaginary "patriarchy" as an excuse for why there lives are so pathetic and unfulfilled.
Grace belives in radical feminism and therefore blames the "patriarchy" for the sad state of affairs that is her life.
by Lloyd Bradford June 27, 2007
The most pure form of blatant nonsense.
You said so much shit it looks like radical feminism.
by GG97BR June 25, 2016
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