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A fembot from the future, most recent appearance in Sydney, Australia circa 1975-1980.

Radhika Wednesday's make up of part woman, part machine allows her to dance and spread love like no other. All the best parts of the past and future 5 decades were amalgamated to create a being unsurpassed in retro style and futuristic substance.

Should one encounter Radhika Wednesday it is best to offer a beverage, followed by an invitation to dance. Radhika Wednesday's chief objective is to bring happiness to all she interacts with; it is in her programming to strive to leave all creatures in a happier state than that in which she found them.

Music of poor taste adversely affects her programming, as does an excess of beverages. Should you find her in a nonsensical state, simply play a really excellent track and steer her back towards the dance floor.
Man: Wow, did you see that girl?

Woman: That's no girl, that's Radhika Wednesday, the Fembot From The Future!
by talk it up February 04, 2010
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