A man from Africa who is jacked and doesnt realize it, he often will utter sayings such as "I kiwl you!" or "Mickel Raedar" or "Tony Staks" or even "Raeda LaBron" In an accent not to be replicated
Josh: Radar im gonna win
Radar: I kiwl you!
by Queeeeeeeeeny May 05, 2005
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the act of playing streetball (playing basketball outside) on a basketball court that is adjacent to, within, or in proximity of a Radar Base or similar millitary installment.
"Yo, it's a nice day out, we should go Radar."
by BrikEJ May 01, 2005
An acronym standing for Radio Detection and Ranging.
I am the RADAR God! There is none higher.
by dammit janet June 13, 2003
An alert to notify others in the area of a hottie passing by. Created by Louis in the early 80's it comes from the song "RADAR Love". Say your with a group of friends and a hottie is seen outside the window, all you have to say is "RADAR" and all eyes look where ever you are currently looking.
"RADAR" (a single word, nothing more, nothing less)
by JayMon June 02, 2003
This word has 2 meanings:

1) From "cockradar", meaning a girl who hangs around guys, flirting and fawning over them, in order to get some cock. Can also be used as a generic insult for someone.

2) Slang for a penis.
1st Meaning: "Sarah is such a radar."
"Fuck off you radar."

2nd Meaning: "I hear Dave has a massive radar."
by Facon October 10, 2008
To be paying attention to, particularly when sifting through large amounts of information.
I'm searching through the classified ads for a new car. I have Fords and Toyotas in my radar.
by thirdnormal August 08, 2012
When a boy or man has sex with 3 of his girlfriend's or wife's closest friends.
Blake's girlfriend's name is Alisha; For Blake to radar he must fuck 3 of Alisha's best friends.
by WyattJaws July 16, 2011
To Radar is to check out the scene or what's happening.
A Radar is a nosy person whose always checking up on who is where and when - A nosy bastard
"Let's go to the club for a radar"


"Stop checking up on him, don't be such a Radar!"
by Grumple June 18, 2009

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