Top Definition
1.)an ugly chick who makes hereself feel better by wearing excessive amounts of eyeliner thus looking like the markings of a racoon

2.)what Johny Depp or Brittney Spear's eyes look like.
Did you see that skank with the racoon eyes?
by Libby June 22, 2004
1. the result of the make up from the night before.
2. a girl who showers with her make-up on.
I woke up with the girl from the bar and looked into her racoon eyes.
by angikay3 June 20, 2012
When season snowboarders ride in Spring their goggles block off sunlight leaving tanning lines that imitate "Racoon eyes"
"Nice racoon eyes you punk. Wear some sunscreen."
by InYourBackyard. March 07, 2010
a bitch with two black eyes
I gave the bitch racoon eyes, with my dick. :_) ^^
by Frank Eustace November 27, 2004
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