Racne is acne on your tits. Racne is to your boobs as Acne is to your face and Bacne is to your back.
example 1:

Girl 1: "I hear letting guys jizz on your tits gets rid of your racne."
Girl 2: "REALLY? i'm breaking out so bad, i'm definitely going to try it tonight"

example 2:
"Damn she was fine but I made her keep her shirt on cause she had nasty racne"
by Pam9813 April 27, 2010
Top Definition
acne that is located on the rack(chest)
Damn, boy don't date that bitch. Her racne brings her hotness down fifty percent.
by Jessie Zarq January 25, 2006
Acne in the female chest(rack) area.
That chick's boobs have racne on 'em.
by Chris September 13, 2003
A state in which a person (usually a girl) has excessive amounts of acne on her chest/breast area.
Dude, that girls got major racne, she might need to proactiv that shit up.
by leeb555 February 17, 2011
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