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A rackjob means being chained to bars high on a wall in the dungeon of a dominatrix
A man came to the reception desk at Madam X's House of Pleasure. The receptionist phoned through to her mistress who was in the dungeon and said " There is another rackjob here ".
by St. Ias October 04, 2005
a word that i created by accident. Another way to say tittyfuck (having sex with the cleavage between a womans breasts)
That slut in the corner will give a rackjob for 5 bucks.
by Fluffy Marshmallow October 01, 2005
adj, raak-jo-b This word is a synonom to queer and transexual. Anything refered to this word is known to have had a sex change or liking the same sex/gender.
You are a rackjob.
by Dr, Shultz November 03, 2008