Anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal:

The term "Racist" is commonly used as an ad homonym attack by inarticulate leftists who are not intelligent enough to devise a counter argument, so therefore "pull the race card" in order to rob their opponent of credibility.

Caleb: "Did you know that illegal immigrants are accountable for thirty percent of all criminal activity in the United States? I personally do not want to pay for their social services out of my taxes. Secure the borders!"

Keith: "Erm... well... You're just a racist! You should be ashamed that you can't look past the color of someone's skin! Hey--look everyone--there's a racist over here!!"

*Twenty minorities turn and gaze angrily*

Maria: Join the KKK you F***ing racist!!
Gustavo: Let's beat this white guy up!!!
Rodriguez: Claro que SI!
by Sketchup March 21, 2010
Something that ONLY white people are labeled with.
Black man AKA nigger- "Yo that cracker need to show some respec fo all tha shit he did to the niggas. Cracker man keepin me down nigga. (NOT RACIST)

White man- "That black family over there is being very lound and is stinking up the place" (RACIST)

White man- "About 85% of crime is commited by blacks." (RACIST and fact)

Black man- "About 85% of crime is commited by blacks" (NOT RACIST and fact)
by elite andrew March 04, 2010
Believing one race is better than another (Unless it really is!)
1. When black people say that all White people are racist is not only racist, but it is hypocritical.
2. Thinking White people are better than the typical black person is NOT racist.. EX: MOST White people are superior (responsibility, ethics, morals) to MOST Black people (The kind that live in (L.A. Atlanta, Detroit.)

3. Black people believe they should be given everything because their "ancestor" were put into slavery and kept down because of white people, which isn't true because Negroes who were high in the African society sold lower Black people to the Americans.

I really dislike Black people like the above examples, not all black people, and it's not racist, because I don't hate them because they're black it's because of the way they act!
by WhiteChristianRepublican October 15, 2009
One who expresses his or her american right to dislike a race.
Don't tell me how to think. I will i will be a racist if I want, and for whatever reason I want. Anyone who tries to inhibit this right granted to me by the Bill of Rights is a facist.

I am also well aware that most people who read this will automatically assume that I am a racist, though this is not the case. I simply don't like it when people take my rights from me, especially when the same people complain about the President not giving American rights to non-American TERRORISTS.
by Josh Wilkinson November 14, 2006
A person that obligingly benefits from historical racial privilege. This can be someone who benefits (consciously or unconsciously) the blatantly racist status quo by supporting it or simply not fighting it. NOTE: Black Americans, Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, Latino-Americans, therefore, cannot be racist; they can be hateful or vengeful, but NEVER racist for they do not have the historical power/pretext.
In a world without affirmative action, all "qualified" white people who entered college without considering the context/their inherited privilege would be racist.

The unconscious racist does not think about the American penal system: modern-day enslavement, free labor, ethnic cleansing.

Many Chinese still see the Japanese culture as embedded with racism due to the years of imperial control and maltreatment they inflicted on other Asian cultures.
by ElleM April 09, 2007
A white man who knows that he is superior, and freely expresses the idea. Most "average" (read: stupid) people will disagree. They are no better than the trash that the racist despises. They are trash sympathisers.
"Die, you worthless nigger/spic/rag head/etc..., for you are the scum of the earth, remarked the racist."
by asksav nosaj t May 02, 2005
Your white ass
You are a racist fuck
by #your ssw February 24, 2015

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