A Homo Sapien (Human being)who had inherited genetically an impulse from our ancestors (the Apes) that when confronted with other Homo Sapiens, hatred, anger, rage, ignorance, stupidity, malice, fear,inferiority, confusion,pride, arises, and thereby causes one to jump, brawl,and howl fiercely for no reason, but simply out of this impulse inherited by our ancestors (the apes).
A white man and a black man happened to have passed by each other. They stopped and stared at each other. They both would think this is an act of what a racist is:

White man: Yo! Man, You got Beef? oouuu aahhh eeehhh
aaahhh1 ouuuhhhh! aaahhh! ouuuuu!
Black man: wrouf! wroug! aff! ahhrrrrrr! ahhrrrrr!!!!
White man: Ahh! guurrrhhhh! wrougggfff! oufff!!!
Black man: arrgghhh! arrgghhh!
by calatubalaot June 28, 2007
The most nonsence belief ever. It does not make any sence at all. People who follow this belief feel they are better than everone else, but think about, who sounds like a better person, a racist who goes around bothering black/latino people with racial slurs and thretining to kill them or the black/latino people who have done NOTHING to deserve it?
Racist: I am better than black people

Me: How are you better than black people?

Racist: Because they are from Africa

Me: How is someone better than someone else because of there decent?

Racist: Because there skin is black

Me: How is someone apperence make someone better than someone else? With the same belief you could say that everyone with a birth mark is a worse person than someone with no birth mark, or that people wiht hats are a better person than people with no hats.

Racist: Because I have low self-esteem and I need to use stereotypes and racism to rase my low self-esteem with fake self-esteem. I am a worthless piece of trash and does not deserve to be living. I am a horrible, horrible person, please kill me.

Me: Ok
by Spikesy July 23, 2006
Insult used by liberals and minorities against any person or group of persons (mostly light-skinned and "appearing" white) to discredit their argument.
light skinned person - "I think we should reward people based on their character and quality rather than the color of their skin"

Liberal or minority losing the argument - "Well, you are just a colonial oppressor who doesn't want to give up all the advantages you have gained because you are white. You are so racist!"

light skinned person - "My father was a Holocaust survivor and a German Jew. I put myself through college by working 3 jobs."

Liberal or minority losing the argument - "Aha! I knew you were a Nazi!"
by 3 Wolves T-shirt guy November 18, 2010
Any person, persons, or organization that does not agree with the Democratic Party or any other liberal organization on any issue or viewpoint.
John "I am sorry, I don't agree with you on healthcare"

Democrat "That's because your a racist"
by ViCe 1986 August 17, 2010
White people brought up in suburbia
"Man I hate how they bus in city people to what was once our fine school..."-Racists
by Fly By That Guy August 15, 2008
something a black person CANNOT BE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
white kid1: i dare you to scream nigger.
white kid2: NIGGAAAAAAA!!!!!!
black kid: man you fucking honkey. say that word one more time so i can beat your ass you racist cracker.
white kid2:oh and your not racist for calling me a honkey and a cracker?
black kid: no i was just getting back at you.

by White man of black descent October 13, 2008
Synonymous with good cunt
Matt: Oi Joe, you're a fucking racist!
Joe: Fucking oath, you're a goodcunt too.

Jeff: Fucking sand-niggers!!
Mike: Jeff, you good cunt!
by Eury February 07, 2008
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