Anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal:

The term "Racist" is commonly used as an ad homonym attack by inarticulate leftists who are not intelligent enough to devise a counter argument, so therefore "pull the race card" in order to rob their opponent of credibility.

Caleb: "Did you know that illegal immigrants are accountable for thirty percent of all criminal activity in the United States? I personally do not want to pay for their social services out of my taxes. Secure the borders!"

Keith: "Erm... well... You're just a racist! You should be ashamed that you can't look past the color of someone's skin! Hey--look everyone--there's a racist over here!!"

*Twenty minorities turn and gaze angrily*

Maria: Join the KKK you F***ing racist!!
Gustavo: Let's beat this white guy up!!!
Rodriguez: Claro que SI!
by Sketchup March 21, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, not all blacks think whites are racist. And I FAIL to see one who is that crazy about racial remarks. Most of the times, the ones saying its racist are NOT the ones who are being "offended" by the so-called racial discrimination.
Take LocoRoco for example, I'm black with dreads, yet I don't find the Mojas racist. MOJA! MOJA!
by JayMayKha501 February 11, 2012
racist - what a liberal calls you when they are losing an argument.
He: Bush ruined the economy.

Me: Actually, the Bush administration urged tighter regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while the Democrats refused it. You can watch it on youtube.

He: Oh yeah, well you are a racist.
by TMink August 26, 2010
Used to describe one who offends you, or your "people", by adding a slur comment; One that uses something of one's race or ethnicity, and compares it, as something inferior to one another's race or ethnicity. One who discriminates against one's race or ethnicity. See racism; the discrimination against one's race or ethnicity. One who is a pro-war genocidiac is a racist, for he or she is a genocidal maniac; one who wants to kill all of one's race or ethnicity. Includes one who rumors one's race or ethnicity, and/or stereotypes their (physique, etc.). One who spews profanity; like in the last example ("spic", etc.)
Goth-Hater: "Hai, I hate goths."
Fact-Spewer: "Wait... what the fuck?! Did you know, that Goths come from an Eastern Germanic tribe, obviously making them a racial and/or ethnic group. That means, you are a racist!"

Adolf Hitler: "Ficken alle die Juden!!!"
Fact-Spewer: "Was?! Juden sind nicht dumm!!! Du bist niche vahr!!! Fuckin' commie racist!!!"

Spanish-Basher(To Spanish): "Hey, spic."
Fact-Spewer(To annoying prick): "Hai!!! 'Spic' is a racially offensive term, you fuckin' nazi racist!!!"
Random-Guy: "What the fuck?! Dude, that's not even ethnical, what the fuck you talkin' 'bout?!"
Fact-Spewer: "The answer to that fuggin' question is... stuff."
by ALEXtheEMO December 24, 2009
A term used to show one's disapproval of something, regardless of the situation.
Teacher: You've failed your test. Would you care to explain?
Dude #1: That's racist!
A rather complicated term to define without being labelled racist yourself.
A racist is someone who hates anything that is not the same with him. The only person that can not be a racist is Narciscus who dislike and love nobody.
My racist neighbour just kill his cat
by gurubesar December 12, 2007
A word for a specific type of asshole
Person 1: Dude don't hang with that black guy
Person 2: I'd rather hang with him since he isn't racist like you.
by Jr. J July 01, 2014
A racial slur referring to white people. Calling a white person a "racist" is the equivalent to calling a black person a "nigger". White people don't normally react to words like "honky" and "cracker", but calling them a "racist" is what gets to them the most.
Steve: you people are all the same!
DeShawn: Yous a Racist! ya white cracker!
Steve: How dare you! i am NOT a racist!

* Steve later asks all his white friends if they think he is a racist. *
by BeneathTheSink April 06, 2013
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