Anybody who has the temerity to disagree with a liberal.
You don't think like ME?

What are you? - A Nazi? A Racist?
by Doc Johnson February 08, 2005
any person who takes advantage of someone of a different ethnic group. Any person who offends, underestimate or make negative comments about other person of a different ethnic groups. Any person who uses stereotypes against others.
i wanna make this guy finish my job so i can go early home.
It Doesn't matter, is a Mexican

all the white people is fucking racist
yes, they are

tell that stinky brownie to come over
by burt666 December 13, 2010
A word to describe anything rubbish, bad or uncool - a bit like the new use of the word 'gay'.
That's not a real Ferrari it's a Toyota kit car - it's really racist.
by Le Hammer July 11, 2010
People use this term to get ahead in life.

White people can NOT use it or they are racist.

Any other ethnic group can use it, although not all choose to.

94% of the time Caucasians are the racists in question.

Racists are looked down on.

This term is over used.


If you are a white, wealthy, concervative, you are racist.
I am a racist.
I am a racist because I am white.
My mom's a racist because she told a black peer of mine who was bullying me to stop telling me that she was going to break me in half.
My dad's a racist because he hired the white man instead of the black man, even though the white man had more credentials.
My parents are racist because they voted for McCain.
I am a racist because I would rather be called 'Caucasian' instead of 'White'.
I am a racist because I called a kid black.
I am a racist because even though my best friend is African American I said I though Obama was dumb.
I'm a racist because I live in a nice house.
I'm a racist because I go to private school.
I'm a racist because even though my GPA was higher than the black kid, I got into Harvard and they didn't.
I'm a racist because I feel like the odd-girl out at public school because the school is only 5 % white.
I'm a racist for liking Abercrombie.
I'm a fucking racist, okay!?
by rockstarrrgirlie March 12, 2009
Someone who hates people of a different racial group, also known as the entire African-American population.
I tried to give that racist black man a job, but then he called me a cracker and stole my car.
by Big Sass July 10, 2008
People who Can't except the fact that their race isn't superior to anybody else's on the planet, and that they were put on the earth with them so they could live together, duh, it wasn't made just for you, duhh.
Seymour Butz: You are such a friggin racist douche bag, come on man, why do you think it's ok to kill them because his skin is different? And talkin about thier race? why? you don't even know they anwer'cause you are so stuck-up.
by Rara isbooyaa September 20, 2007
A catch-all phrase used by those who are afraid of an individual who is typically a realist pointing out the blatantly obvious.
1)Aidan: "What did that fine, upstanding African American fellow down the street receive as a present for his birthday?"

Tom: "Your bicycle."

Aidan: "Why, you're a RACIST!!!111!!!OMFG!! It's worse than getting AIDS!!!!!!!"

2) Why should we encourage interracial relationships between American born Puerto Ricans and African Americans?

The end result would reduce crime, as the thieves would be to lazy to steal.
by Masstah August 04, 2007
Anti-conservative slur misused by liberals against Christians, Jews, East Asians and white people.

An accusation made by anti-white bigots (e.g., Osama Bin Laden, Spike Lee and Khalid Muhammad) against all whites to justify anti-white bias.

A term constantly used by the same people that claim that racism and sexism are as bad or worse today than in the days of Nazi Germany.

Usually overused by the same ignoramouses that equate working class white guys (including many union members and liberal Democrats) that wear baseball caps and drive pick up trucks to genocidal Germans from 1943.
The United States is a homophobic, sexist, racist society that deserved the 9-11 attacks.

Americans are nothing more than overweight, racist, Islamophobic rednecks, who deserve to die in a terrorist attack.

You racist pink pigs are nothing but a bunch of redneck homophobes in the KKK.

Black people can't be racist according to Spike Lee.
by Assex 776 September 14, 2007

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