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A black person who doesn't think mostly white people should not live. The white people cannot try to befriend them because the black people won't think it would look good to have a white person around them. The white people just let it go when the blacks call them racial names and cracker mosst of the time, because the white people know they are meaningless since most black people will say that to each and every white person. But when a white person says nigger to a black person they become all angry as if cracker is ok to say to a white person but nigger isn't ok to say to a black person since whites have a history of being racist towards blacks. But they don't know that since they're so stupid and they just watch tv and figured it out, unbelievable! they figured something out! But when black people go around calling other black people nigger, it doesn't madder. It's cool to them. how stupid can you get? Imagine if white people went around calling each other cracker, that would be ridiculous. If a teacher or professor heard a black person call a white person cracker, they wouldn't care, but if a white person called a black person nigger, you would be like arrested. It seems like it's against the law or something. Well, the blacks make it seem like it is.
Dovany: Yo shut teh fuck up cracka.

Kevin: What? I didn't even say anything about you. Man, you are such a racist black person.
by bloodysox August 14, 2006
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