Making fun of someone by there race.
Person 1: I hate Asians because there smart with there small eyes, they should open there eyes for a chance.
Person 2: Thats racism
by Ulti December 08, 2008
When I tried to put a positive definition of white people on this website, and it was rejected due to "racism" even though there are several definitions claiming white people to be violent, ugly, and have no positive qualities.
Random racist of color: "It's only racism when white people do it."

society: black power = YES

red power =YES

yellow power = yes

white power = RACIST!!!
by get your shit together June 02, 2015
Something that has existed in every society since the beginning of time and shows no signs of going away right now. Whether it's white, black, Hispanic, or Asian people it's always another race that's at fault for whatever problems they have.
Imagine if we just looked past racial differences and see that we're just people. I know this sounds boring but it's true. Unfortunately racism will likely always exist in some form.
by Frustrated Human February 09, 2014
The only thing that isn't taken as seriously when a black guy does it in this day and age
racism.nasty shit
by alifig1 July 28, 2012
The biggest evil in this world, weather it's a joke or not.
Its racism to say, that man will steal my bike beacuse of his skin colour.
by Marko111 April 28, 2012
Dident you hear? Black is the new White.
300 years ago: get to your fields nigguh!

Now:Get out my house! Fuck no! Obama is president! i can do what i want! Black power! and if you lay a finger on me imma get the police on you for racism!
by RACISMHATER July 17, 2010

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