Contrary to popular belief, this is a concept not based on hate, but rather on treatment and assumption. True racism is a persons preferential OR hateful treatment of someone who has more or less skin pigmentation than said person, regardless of which person is darker or lighter. This is the real, non-urban definition of the word.

Religion does not factor in. Ever. That is religious intolerance or religious discrimination. Not Racism.

Sadly, preferential treatment due to skin color has become known as 'white condescention' an inherently racist term as it implies that only caucasians engage racially condescending behavior.

Racists forget that 'assumption' cannot be spelled without 'ass'.

A word of advice: Try not to get into an argument with an imbecile. Bystanders probably won't be able to tell you apart.
Rosa Parks' arrest as a result of her choosing to sit at the front of a bus rather than the back, a stipulation applied by a racist governmental system.

Also, the 180 degree turn that said system has taken in forcing employers to hire based on pigment rather than qualification is racism at work.

The assumption that everyone who wears a turban runs a 7-eleven is racist, as are the phrases 'I love (insert color here) people!', and 'reverse racism'.
by Kailen Montresor April 25, 2006
Belief in or advocacy of preferential treatment for or unusual burdens upon persons of a particular race, because of that race rather than other reasons.
Denying Negros voting rights in the US was an example of racism.
by Esse April 21, 2005
Everyone does it, no one wants it. Most of the worlds suffering is due to racism.
Jim: That nigger over there is probably going to mug me.
Bob: Why you gotta be racist man?
by Oz March 07, 2005
a horrible state of dillusional being in which one race believes they're better than another. load of crap.
racism blows.
by sleepisbetter June 28, 2003
1. the hatred of another for absoltely no reason except for the fact that they are different.
2. the thing that some black people use as an excuse for everything. Nowadays, racism is less common, but it seems that it is reversing things now. A black person can call a white person "white boy" but if a white person calls a black person "black boy" he will be accused of being a racist, even though it is the same thing. Real racism is serious and should be fought against, but all this blaming everything on racism is just pathetic.
1. Some famous racists are Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan.
2. Racism isn't the reason for everything wrong in a black (or any colored race)person's life.
by OnyxBT August 02, 2005
The artful application of the 'divide and conquer' theory which is successful because it convinces the protagonists to blame each other for perceived crimes - thereby obscuring the actual guilty party or parties.
The people were so busy arguing about racism, they failed to notice they were slaves.

Pinochet, Mugabe, Tito, Hirohito, Hitler, Edi Amin, Mao, Bush, and Mussolini. (color is not the common denominator)
by Kingazzaman July 10, 2008
a type of abuse towards another human being because of skin tone, culture or background.
what a racist bitch man
by LatinaKaterina November 16, 2004

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