The belief of one race being superior to another race.
Something that I hate and do not engage in. The people who do are known as racists. The typical people who are targets of racism are Blacks and Hispanics. However, Whites are often attacked by other races, which is also known as "reverse racism". It's something that people shouldn't even participate in, especially considering how far we have come. Being a fifth (20%) Native American and being White of English and German heritage, I don't really think I have any place in racist behavior. Since I have a very significant amount of Native American blood, I am part of the "Mother of All Minorities". I AM diverse!
I love black people; I think they are hilarious, most of them are devout Christians, and the majority of them have been respectful to me for who I am, and they were NEVER racist towards me.
by Radical Republican December 08, 2004
Something that cant happen to white people, no matter how hard they wish it can.
Is racism
White person 1: Im going to dress up as a 16 knocked up Mexican girl cause they all get pregnant young, lol get it!
White person 2: LOLOLOL

Is not racism
White person 1: Some black person made fun of me for turning red when I laugh :(
#racism #white people #ignorance #bigot #racist
by Pancake-bottom February 04, 2012
Stereotyping and Discriminating between clean whites, dirty blacks, fobby asians, lazy mexicans and stinky indians. A race between people of different colors where I'm winning.
Chink - "What duh racism mean?"

Nigga - "Shut the fuck up or i'll bust a cap in yo mothafuckin chinese ass"

Chink - "soo sorry mideng! don hurt me, you can take duh first prace."
#racist #prejudice #stereotype #discriminate #brown #white #black #yellow #black & yellow black & yellow
by Riokanoya April 06, 2011
1) Strict definition: An irrational bias towards members of a racial background, especially White.

2) Commonly intended definition (in America): A bias that black people have against whites.

3) Politically motivated definition: A justifiable reason to redistribute resources or opportunities between groups on the basis of race alone, especially whites, upper income seeing as how they are the ruling class and all else are anti constitutionalist scum. Redistributing wealth is their main goal.
1) One is not a racist for pointing out that whites receive higher scores on their ACTs, SATs, GREs, LSATs and other standardized tests of academic achievement.

2) One is a racist for pointing out #1 *IF* there is no reason for pointing it out other than to make white people feel inferior.

3) Racism is the reason that Obama won his health care legislation, winning over brain dead moronic Americans, turning this country into Amerika.
Adam: Why are you racist?

Jamal: Because you white boys stole everything!!! Your all about racism!!!

Adam: Stole everything? OHHHH, you mean you haven't earned anything because you haven't put forth the effort. I get it, sounds a bit racist to me, a little anti-White?!! You blacks should strive harder, other than hi-jacking the system.
#racism #nigger #white #supreme #nigglets #chocolate #precious #niger #africa #afika #amerika
by Brad R. T. March 21, 2010
1. Something that mostly white racist people complain about.

2. Another reason for white racist people to obsess over people of color.

3. Something done by people who hate themselves so much they have to project it onto other people.
1. See almost every other definition

2. Racist: How come black people can come black people can come black people come black people...*goes home and jacks off the black porn*

3. Me: Why are you racist?
Racist: I hate myself because my mother never hugged me.

racism is lame
#racist #xenophobia #hate stupidity #self #loathing #masturbatory #fantasy
by dipperripper August 18, 2008
aka stupidity, immaturity, and blindness.
Alyx: That stupid ass hick wore a shirt with the southern flag on it.

Tyler: Apparently that country bumkin doesn't know that it has nothing to do with racism.

Alyx: Lets stuff a "I Fucked My Sister" shirt in his locker, watch his reaction, then post the video on YouTube.
#hick #racist #racism #fuck #country
by raven940 February 11, 2009
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in character or ability.

2. Racial Prejudice + Power = Racism

People serious about the study of racism define it more strictly to mean the combination of racial prejudice + power. In other words, only the dominant group in a society can be racist because they have the power to oppress others.

Marginalized groups of people can have racial prejudice towards members of the dominant group, (say, a black man calling a white man a cracker) but since they lack the power to oppress that group, it cannot be accurately called "racism."
In most cases, racism includes the social, political, and economic advantage of one group in relation to others.

SSee Wikipedia's article: for more information.
Marginalized people, historically racial minorities, live with the presence of racism in their daily lives.

Racism is difficult to see from a position of privilege and difficult to live with from a position of marginality.

What is racism? 3 million people, 230 years, one president: White.

In America, racism continues to be perpetuated by whites, knowingly or unknowingly, blinded by their own privilege.
#race #white privilege #institutionalized racism #racist #slavery #america #color-blind #tolerance #acceptance
by Zedster March 20, 2006
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