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The most nonsence belief ever. It does not make any sence at all. People who follow this belief feel they are better than everone else, but think about, who sounds like a better person, a racist who goes around bothering black/latino people with racial slurs and thretining to kill them or the black/latino people who have done NOTHING to deserve it?
Racist: I am better than black people

Me: How are you better than black people?

Racist: Because they are from Africa

Me: How is someone better than someone else because of there decent?

Racist: Because there skin is black

Me: How is someone apperence make someone better than someone else? With the same belief you could say that everyone with a birth mark is a worse person than someone with no birth mark, or that people wiht hats are a better person than people with no hats.

Racist: Because I have low self-esteem and I need to use stereotypes and racism to rase my low self-esteem with fake self-esteem. I am a worthless piece of trash and does not deserve to be living. I am a horrible, horrible person, please kill me.

Me: Ok
by Spikesy July 23, 2006
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in character or ability.

2. Racial Prejudice + Power = Racism

Many people serious about the study of racism define it more strictly to mean the combination of racial prejudice + power. In other words, only the dominant group in a society can be racist because they have the power to oppress others.
Marginalized groups of people can have racial prejudice towards members of the dominant group, but since they lack the power to oppress that group, it cannot be accurately called "racism."
In most cases racism includes the social, political, and economic advantage of one group in relation to others.

See Wikipedia's article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism for more information.
Racism is difficult to see from a position of privilege and difficult to live with from a position of marginality.

Marginalized people, historically racial minorities, live with the presence of racism in their daily lives.

In America, racism continues to be perpetuated by whites, knowingly or unknowingly, blinded by their own privilege.
by Zedster March 15, 2006
aka stupidity, immaturity, and blindness.
Alyx: That stupid ass hick wore a shirt with the southern flag on it.

Tyler: Apparently that country bumkin doesn't know that it has nothing to do with racism.

Alyx: Lets stuff a "I Fucked My Sister" shirt in his locker, watch his reaction, then post the video on YouTube.
by raven940 February 11, 2009
1) An extreme form of patriotism.
2) Any form of dislike or resentment for a group of people due to their skin pigmentation. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FROM A CAUCASIAN TO ANOTHER RACE! IT WORKS EITHER WAY! IN THIS WORLD, IT SEEMS ONLY BLACK PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST!
Racism-That guy is such a nigger for stealing my ipod!
by Scribe_R3MN4N7 May 25, 2010
the way forward to get all the scum out of society.
Boy: Dad some dirty niggers stole my phone today.

Dad: Don't worry, a dose of racism will have them crying back to the zoo's.
by Whatsgood. July 21, 2008
1. A feeling of superiority that white people have over black people.

2. When nerdy white people believe that Asian people are superior to white people.

3. A feeling of superiority that Indians have over other races, especially white people, who are total nerds and can't do math.

4. A feeling of hatred that politically correct minorities harbor for white people.
1. Because of racism in America, some white people think that black people can't get into high culture because they don't comprehend it. In truth, black people just don't bother with high culture, because they believe in bros before hoes.

2. WHITE NERD: Asian people rock! I love Anime! Sudoku is the best!

NORMAL WHITE KID: Anime is so pointless.

WHITE NERD: Shut up! You're just ignorant because you're white!

NORMAL WHITE KID: That's racist.

3. Rohit, though incredibly sexy, harbors a deep racism for all whites, Mexicans, and Asians in the whole entire world. Well, mostly just whites. He will crush them between his thighs of steel.

4. MEXICAN LADY: Every morning, I look in the mirror and say to myself, "I am Latino, and I am proud!" Do you look at YOURselves in the mirror and tell yourselves you're white?? Huh?!!"

STUDENT: No, because I'm not racist like you.
by Bertoffski January 02, 2008
1. The discrimination of another group of people based solely on superficial characteristics, with the belief that one race is superior to another.

2. A system where the minority group loses, and the dominant group benefits.

1. the discrimination of black people is a direct result of racism.

2. white privilege.
by jessicaxx February 08, 2007