A national card game in which the players cannot be told the rules. It includes shouting random things, such as "Penis!" and "Support the Rabid!"
I love to play racism because it confuses people who don't know how to play.
by Henry Ferguson April 03, 2008
People who be hatin!
White: Dont Make Fun about that African American!

Black: Why'd u call him dat? Thats Racism! You Never call a black man an Afican American Because you dont Have the balls to say Black or Nigga!
by Chris Breezy August 16, 2007
I noticed that on this site the definitions for "white boy" and "nigga" all have people mad about not being able to say them or vice versa. White people are mad that they are called white boys and they can't call there black counterparts niggers. You shouldn't be mad about not being able to say something. We all have to learn to accept each other and not generalize someone by their race. White kids shouldn't be generalized as wack redneck racists and black people should not be generalized as gangsters who will steal your shit. Racism has to end for good and we can't go on thinking there is no more racism in this country because that statement is way wrong.
Black person: all white people are rednecks full of racism.

White person: Let's move away from that group of black people because I think they're gonna jump us.
by *Puerta* September 28, 2006
The belief of one race being superior to another race.
Something that I hate and do not engage in. The people who do are known as racists. The typical people who are targets of racism are Blacks and Hispanics. However, Whites are often attacked by other races, which is also known as "reverse racism". It's something that people shouldn't even participate in, especially considering how far we have come. Being a fifth (20%) Native American and being White of English and German heritage, I don't really think I have any place in racist behavior. Since I have a very significant amount of Native American blood, I am part of the "Mother of All Minorities". I AM diverse!
I love black people; I think they are hilarious, most of them are devout Christians, and the majority of them have been respectful to me for who I am, and they were NEVER racist towards me.
by Radical Republican December 08, 2004
of, or relating to the mockery of black people
"I saw a black guy riding a bike he probably stole earlier today,"

"What the fuck? that is racism"
by DolanDuk March 28, 2013
Something that cant happen to white people, no matter how hard they wish it can.
Is racism
White person 1: Im going to dress up as a 16 knocked up Mexican girl cause they all get pregnant young, lol get it!
White person 2: LOLOLOL

Is not racism
White person 1: Some black person made fun of me for turning red when I laugh :(
by Pancake-bottom February 04, 2012
Is a common fascination among middle school-aged pre-teens. The two less dominate places it can be found in; immature 16 year old boys, and old rednecks primary in the south.
Racism: making fun of Hispanics form:"dude, i swear there are spics everywhere at school!" "yeah, that's because they were born here, they don't know how to hop a fence"
African Americans: (who says that? don't black people just like being called black?) black guy:"nah man, sice originated from us, you wouldn't get it" white kid "nigga what chu talkin bout?" "damn man, that's just to far..."

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