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A combination race-track and casino.
Man: If only I had a place to bet on multiple things at once...
Woman: Let's hit the Racino!
by t_j_holl July 20, 2008
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The word "racino" is one of many "combo" words that enter the English language over time as new developments in society and technology occur. A racino is basically a racetrack where can place bets on the racing event but also has a casino that has slot machines and maybe more games such as BlackJack, poker, craps, keno, Wheel of Fortune (that's where a giant wheel is spun by a lovely lady and you bet on which section the arrow will point at. You see this game in the Old Wild Western flicks, this game has nothing to do with that Vanna White TV show), roulette (not Russian) and such.
1. I've played in many casinos in Nevada as well as some run by Native Americans like the Chippewa. However the first racino I've ever played in was Wheeling Downs, West Virginia. I've played the slots and bet on greyhound races there. You got the slots and there's dog races held there so Wheeling Downs is a racino.

2. In central Ohio the horse racing arena Scioto Downs has been running for years. Now it recently has had electronic slot machines (and maybe more games) installed so Scioto Downs now promotes itself in the ads as a racino.

3. Wheeling is in the tip or "panhandle" of West Virginia. If you're heading to Wheeling Downs (or just passing thru the WV tip) from Ohio or Pennsylvania be eXtra careful. There's a speed trap there and vehicles get pulled over and they line up both sides of the highway. Speeding ticket fines are steep. You've been warned.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 10, 2012
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