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she is a best friend to all, a loving charachter and so easy to talk to! you know shes never going to judge u and will be honest with u no matter what. even when she bitch slaps u cuz shes rlly good at it, u cant help but laugh because shes so cute. and also, everyone loves racheli cuz shes smart and beautiful and can read someone like a book and knows exactly what to say when they have a rough day!
that girls awesome. her name must be racheli.
by deeds-xoxo April 08, 2011
An extremely dumb person. No, not just a dumb person but the dumbest person you will ever meet. Like just a complete and utter dumbass.
Jake: Yo, that girl is soo dumb she doesnt even realise shes not hot and has tiny tits.

Bob: Ya shes a total Racheli
by Instine Fertumeir March 02, 2009