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The most beautiful girl man has ever seen. A girl with the personality of a godess. She is the perfect girlfriend, and goes out of her way to please her man. She is so unbelievable funny and unique, any man would be so proud to be with her. She is perfect in every way, and is an example for all other girls in the world to follow.
Friend 1: "Dude, Rachel is pretty special. You're lucky!"
Friend 2: "I know, I think I love her"
by YoTrinidaddy January 21, 2013
Rachel: Noun/Adj.

Awesome, pretty, all around PERFECT If you don't like rachel you should get your brain checked! Rachels are known to have a unique taste in clothing, from ALL purple outfits to austin powers clothes.They can be kooky and Krazy... and they Throw things sometimes >.< Everyone loves rachel and theres no reason not to!
Hey, did you see rachel today?

Yeah, why?

I can't find her...

Well, she's the one in the purple outfit.

uhhh, oh there she is :3
by Arcticteddybear June 16, 2011
Rachel is a groovy gal, who's everybody's mate. she's funky and fantastic - she's gorgeous and she's great.
She's gorgeous must be a Rachel
by Greally December 11, 2010
A Rachel is an amazing, sexy, beautiful and interesting girl. They give a lot of details in stories, but they're still awesome to listen to! If you know a Rachel, you're soooo lucky! They're gorgeous, intelligent, and hilarious! Rachel means "Purity" so that describes a whole lot! Theyre caring, sweet and loving!!!! They usually have a greattt bods!! They're always there for you when you need them! YOU ARE BLESSED IF YOU KNOW A RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-I love Rachel!
-How could you not!?
by yellow flower? July 13, 2012
Wild crazy girl who loves to party, this girl has a bunch of friends she can be a sweetheart but if you piss her off she'll be the biggest bitch ever and she isn't afraid to speak her mind.
I love Rachel
by tutu159 May 26, 2012
A very great friend to have. When your hanging out with her you never have a boring moment. She will always keep you laughing and if your upset all she has to do is say something random and it can get you laughing.

When sitting in a boring class all you have to do is look over at her and start talking then the boringness goes away.

Also somebody to has a LOT of sharpies :)
Rachel: "Watch Mr. Jarmer when he reads. He's totally tweaking out and was probably making meth on his lunch break out in his car"

Me and others: *laugh like crazy*
by Brittany Is The Shizz October 24, 2011
A gorgeous girl. She is no joke beautiful and hella funny. Rachels have Caramel colored hair and deep dark brown eyes. Their skin is fair but extremely pretty. Every other girl is super jealous of their beauty. These are the perfect girls who everyone wants to be like. Cutest clothes, hottest boyfriends, great personality, and so many friends are all things that Rachels have.
"Damn did you see Rachel today? She looks hottt!"
"Oh my god. Seriously i need to know how Rachel gets all of those cute clothes."
"Rachel looks gorgeous again today. As usual."
by Kira Caliano March 13, 2013