A very great friend to have. When your hanging out with her you never have a boring moment. She will always keep you laughing and if your upset all she has to do is say something random and it can get you laughing.

When sitting in a boring class all you have to do is look over at her and start talking then the boringness goes away.

Also somebody to has a LOT of sharpies :)
Rachel: "Watch Mr. Jarmer when he reads. He's totally tweaking out and was probably making meth on his lunch break out in his car"

Me and others: *laugh like crazy*
by Brittany Is The Shizz October 24, 2011
The most amazing best friend you could have she is always their for you and she is pretty, funny, caring, beautiful, gorgeous, nice, kind, loving, sweet girl ever i love her she is my best friend and the best Rachel you could find she never lets you down and she is always their for me, she has mine back and i got hers.When i am upset she helps me get over it and when i see her cry i cry because i don't like seeing her in pain because someone that amazing should not be in pain if you have a friend named Rachel and she is like mine don't hurt her she can really help you out when your stuck :)
by urbandailyguy1 November 26, 2011
A fun loving girl that may come across shy at first, but opens up really easily and loves new people! Shes cute, funny, smart, although she may come across a little dumb when you first meet her, very sassy, nut never meaning to be mean and somewhat clumsy. She is small, someone you can never stay mad at, and always happy. People love her company although at times she can get a little annoying, and she knows it too. She's one of the most stubborn people you will meet and sets high goals for herself, and is very determined to meet them. She's confident, sometimes too confident, and dreams big. She loves to laugh as well as make others laugh and you can never get bored with her. She prefers to be surrounded by people but not too many, cause shes kiiinndddaa claustrophobic. Shes a girl youd love to have as a friend because she can always make you smile. She only trusts a very small group of people and it takes awhile to gain her trust. She has a short temper and sensetive feelings but forgives very easily. she has a great memory so although shell forgive she will never forget. you dont want to lose someone like Rachel cause youll have trouble finding someone like her again.
"whos your bestfriend?"
"youre lucky"
by itsssrachellll August 12, 2013
Usually has a nice ass. Also can be extremley sarcastic, but most of the time her beauty fills the space of awkwardness. Has a thing for Field Hockey and Volleyball, and is just about the best type of friend out there. She's my lucky lady, and i love her to bits.
Jake- "omg who is THAT girl? :D"

Logan- "that's deff a Rachel! :)"
by Laxbros4lifee July 24, 2011
Rachel is a groovy gal, who's everybody's mate. she's funky and fantastic - she's gorgeous and she's great.
She's gorgeous must be a Rachel
by Sugarcane December 11, 2010
Rachel: Noun/Adj.

Awesome, pretty, all around PERFECT If you don't like rachel you should get your brain checked! Rachels are known to have a unique taste in clothing, from ALL purple outfits to austin powers clothes.They can be kooky and Krazy... and they Throw things sometimes >.< Everyone loves rachel and theres no reason not to!
Hey, did you see rachel today?

Yeah, why?

I can't find her...

Well, she's the one in the purple outfit.

uhhh, oh there she is :3
by Arcticteddybear June 16, 2011
name, typically female. kind, compassionate, beautiful, and smart. Usually spends a lot of time on MLIA while watching Glee.
guy 1: "did you see Rachel today?"
guy 2: "heck yes, she's just as gorgeous as ever!"
by gleek.1 October 23, 2009
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