They are usually super skinny even though they eat a lot. They are so pretty and are great at art ,but usually wont admit it. Most are volleyball players because their super tall and sporty. They are extremly athletic with great legs and eyes (green or blue). You have to love them, they make friends easily and willl be your best friend once you get to know them. All guys love Rachel's because of their nice personality and they love to make people smile. If you know a Rachel, be their friend. They are the best!!!
Guy 1: Did you see Rachel?

Guy 2: Umm..ya she's awesome!
by olympicGOLD April 22, 2011
A particularly driven individual who will not settle for anything less than perfect. Her expertise on good times along with an active sense for adventure make it very easy to spend time with her. Although loquatious, she is a careful listener and will make one feel good about whatever he/she has to say. A well rounded personality indeed.

All this wrapped up in a sexy package.

Consider yourself screwed if you find out how to get on her bad side. A combination of her wit, stength, and loyal friends will surely cut you down
In first place we have...Rachel!

Dude, if that chick were a little faster, smarter, hotter, funner, and friendlier she could be a Rachel.
by 330M54 January 20, 2013
Rach·el (adj)
Someone who is sexy, smart and charming. A person whos Rachel is known to be sweet, funny and sincere and makes you're girlfriend or boyfriend look like trash. Most people who date someone whos Rachel say that they have the best and most committed relationships with them. A man or woman whos Rachel is known to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention. Someone whos Rachel is convincing and when they want something, they get it. Everyone named Rachel is Rachel. Woman who are Rachel are well known to marry men named John.
1. Woah, see that girl? She's SO Rachel!
2. Wish my girlfriend were as Rachel as yours is!
3. Damn hes Rachel!
4. Did you see the way he stole the show? OMG hes Rachel!
by ImAnonymousLOL November 22, 2011
Rachel's are leaders not followers you can help her out, follow her, or get out of the way, these lovely ladies take charge, they're fun, smart, artistic, loud, an just flat out the funniest people out there. Very protective of her friends and family, will be very kind to you, but watch out, they have mean streaks in them and can easily kick the shit out of someone if they want to. Sometimes they can be a bit sarcastic, but it's usually in humor or self defense. She probably won't give two flying shits if you say something about her, she'll probably punch you and walk away, but if you insult one of the many people she holds dear well... Lets just say, they'll never find your body. After doing something, weird, frightening or just random, they can say something nonchalantly and carry on normally. They're also quite good looking.
Sometimes Rachel's can have a 'hero-complex' often shouting 'I AM THE HERO!!!' For know good reason, despite that statement which may come off as attention grabbing selfishness, Rachel's are actually very caring and often do good deeds without saying anything being a 'silent hero'

She can and will take many hits in her life, like she's made of metal and is invincible, but she really does have a kind heart and is a huge softy.

Rachel's often give amazing advice as well and will always be willing to be your shoulder to cry on, day or night, she will be there for you.
I was running like a mad man, for my freaking life as the bullies trailed close behind me, I stole a glance back, forgetting to look ahead of me, I crashed into someone, instead of shoving me to the ground, they grabbed me and pulled me behind them.

"What the hell are you guys doing?!?" A girls voice in front of me shouts. I regain my composure after the shock of someone helping me, I look at my defender, it is non other than Rachel, the loud and proud leader.

The bullies tell her to "step aside if she know what's good for her"

Rachel just gives them a look.

"C'mon, wouldn't want to ruin a pretty face like yours, just let us beat that loser and maybe I'll take you on a date with me~"
A boy smirks to her, winking.

"What did you call him?!" She asks angrily. She rips off her shoes and dives at the bullies smacking them all upside the head with her boot.
She punches one in the stomach and quickly turns and kicks one in the groin.

She turns to face me once she's done her work.
"So, wanna go wath TV?" She asks me casually.
by BeTheHero May 28, 2013
A Rachel is usually an amazingly wonderful person! She is sweet, cute, kind hearted, and an all around good person! She likes many different things and a certain person likes every one of her qualities and cant seem to find any flaws at all!...and she is more wonderful then a person named joe!
That girl is gorgeous she must be that girl Rachel we heard about!
by love_hate_fate April 10, 2011
name, typically female. kind, compassionate, beautiful, and smart. Usually spends a lot of time on MLIA while watching Glee.
guy 1: "did you see Rachel today?"
guy 2: "heck yes, she's just as gorgeous as ever!"
by gleek.1 October 23, 2009
The most beautiful girl man has ever seen. A girl with the personality of a godess. She is the perfect girlfriend, and goes out of her way to please her man. She is so unbelievable funny and unique, any man would be so proud to be with her. She is perfect in every way, and is an example for all other girls in the world to follow.
Friend 1: "Dude, Rachel is pretty special. You're lucky!"
Friend 2: "I know, I think I love her"
by YoTrinidaddy January 21, 2013

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