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One of the most beautiful girls in the school, she is hated by everyone cause they are all jelous.

She usually one of the coolest girls and she dances CRAZILY
When she has friends, she keeps them for a long time unlike other people.
love live laugh

it must be a Rachel!
by bobby678 May 01, 2010
80 56
N. Rachel is a outgoing sexy girl with beautiful eyes who loves to party.. sometime a lil too much. Can be shy at first but once she knos you she can ramble for hours. Is always there for the people she loves. Summer is always on her mind. Boating and tanning is her example of a perfect day. She can never decided on just one boy. V. To her dancing is addicting. The only thing she enjoys more is spending time with her girls!
"Did you see that hot girl shot gun a beer?! she must be a Rachel."
by jessiCa]]]]]]:D February 03, 2010
125 104
What Harvey Dent screams throughout the entirety of "The Dark Knight"
Harvey Dent- "Rachel!"
by ac42 March 07, 2009
25 5
a female with a bangin' bod and a love for hot boys. may appear to be a slut at a first glace, but she is actually a loving, smart, and sexy girl. loves attention, but isn't annoying about it. always up for a good time.
"Damn that girl is fucking sexy... she must be a rachel."
by thesexmachineee March 28, 2010
84 65
Once you meet her you won't be able to not be friends with her... She is a amazing,funny, pretty, artistic, gorgeous, caring, loving... etc

She always says whats on her mind... When you need someone to talk to she is always their for you.
She will brighten up your day when your down
They are always there for you and has your back

You never will have a boring moment with them they always make you laugh

She is such a beautiful girl...

You have your awkward moments with them but everyone


Once you become good friends you never want to loss her and make the mistake you did

But she forgives you for your mistakes

You dont want to get in fights with them because it can become pretty bad

but you seem to forgive each other if you are like me and her because we can't stand fighting with each other and i love being with her she is amazing so if you get a Rachel like mine.... don't hurt her you will regret it.

Best Friends Forever

Blondie <3
Rachel: Get a picture of the mittens on the tree

Friend: Why

Rachel: My mittens are cool just do it

Friend: Yeah i am jealous of them

good times

Friend: We just spent 30$ worth of candy
We gonna get high off this

Rachel: We don't have weed

Friend: I said off the candy blondie

Rahcel: ohhhh
by ur amazing best friend who<3'u November 28, 2011
27 9
Rach·el (adj)
Someone who is sexy, smart and charming. A person whos Rachel is known to be sweet, funny and sincere and makes you're girlfriend or boyfriend look like trash. Most people who date someone whos Rachel say that they have the best and most committed relationships with them. A man or woman whos Rachel is known to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention. Someone whos Rachel is convincing and when they want something, they get it. Everyone named Rachel is Rachel. Woman who are Rachel are well known to marry men named John.
1. Woah, see that girl? She's SO Rachel!
2. Wish my girlfriend were as Rachel as yours is!
3. Damn hes Rachel!
4. Did you see the way he stole the show? OMG hes Rachel!
by ImAnonymousLOL November 22, 2011
23 7
a rachel is a sweet and sassy girl who has a sweet/sensitive side who would stay up all night listening to her best friend cry just so she can help out. The girl has got a hot body, she isn't stick thin but she has amazing curves. She has is all smarts, looks, personality and character. be warned though, if u get into deep with her, as a friend or partner, if u leave u will regret it forever. u see a rachel ask her out!! boys don't hold back she is the best u will ever get.
damn, i wish i hadn't broken up with rachel, she awesome!

i feel awful, i have to talk to rachel
by awesomeness543 April 09, 2011
42 26