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A beautiful (inside and out) girl with a passion for art. She is especially gifted in acting (especially if she's an Aquarius) and will be a star in all acting-related endeavors, though she does not crave attention and comes off as very humble. She is shy at first until you get to know her suddenly she's the funniest, kindest, most outgoing person. She has a great sense of style and guys always love her and her personality though are afraid to ask her out because she comes off as distant to those she isn't close to. She is usually multi-talented (i.e. acting, singing, writing, photography, etc.). Rachels make great friends and are always the life of the party!
Rachel is such a good person; she'll do anything for anyone.
by bulldogbunch July 02, 2011
a perfect woman with many great assests including personality hair clothing and a nice ass.
Damn that girl be a rachel!!!
by Heytheresexycakes March 11, 2007
a beautiful, kind, friendly, caring and compasionate girl. shes always there for her friends and would do anything for them. can be sometimes shy in class but very outgoing and silly with her friends. is extremely hilarious and clever and quick witted, can be sometimes sarcastic but never in a mean way. she is usually thin and has a great body with the most incredible smile and gorgeous brown eyes. usually loves movies and soccer and music.
i love rachel, shes my baby
by blackporsche April 27, 2011
is the most amazing girl ever. She is pretty, smart, super kind, and brave. She is the most gorgoues girl in the world and you will fall in love with her the moment you see her. When your sad she will cheer you up and bring a smile on your face. She is determined to do anything she sets her mind too. She is super popular with many social friends. She never fights or starts drama she only wants to end it. She is the most loving girl in the world. She is very imaginitve along with all her friends mostly with Tv shows. She will never let you down. There is no other girl then her.
Person 1. Hey what you doing today

Person 2. Gonna go chill with rachel.

Person 1. Awwh your so lucky id do anything to hang out with her.
by itsmewhiterice August 07, 2011
A very funny, strange (in a good way) girl who walks in the room and creates happiness. She is very cut and pretty she usually has a big butt . Rachel's usually suck at telling stories but are really great listeners and advice givers. If you have any question or problem go ask someone named Rachel and usually they will have a great solution. Rachel is compassionate and fun loving but also really smart in school!
Person 1: Woah that girl is really cool whats her name?

Person 2: Dude! thats a Rachel I want her but she's way outa my league.
by Gavin12345 December 03, 2010
The most awesome girl ever. Mess with a Rachel, and you wont live to talk about it. Funny, smart, beautiful, and the best friend you will ever have.
Wow, did you see how impressive she was? She's such a Rachel.
by ScarletKaili September 15, 2011
An awesome girl who is always a good time. Without her, it never feels the same. She lights up the room and can always be depended on. Did I mention she's hot?
Damn, I wish my girl was a Rachel.
by B.A.ller April 03, 2011