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a cute; smart; funny; girl. rachels usually play soccer. a rachel will always be there to help you with your problems. they are very caring and live there life to the fullest.

motto: "Live.Laugh.Love"
Person: Last night i had a problem so i talked to a rachel. she helped me with everything.
Person number 2: thats what a rachel does.
by soccerrachell.<3 February 20, 2009
A very smart, funny, and perverted individual. Outgoing but not obnoxious, unlike a Dana or Remy.
"Dude Rachel's so funny."
"Oh, I know. She's awesome."
by Mmm yummy March 06, 2009
A two-faced, lying, boorish girl who cannot keep her legs closed. Do not allow a Rachel near your crush, boyfriend, fiance, or husband because she will have sex with him, or at least try to. A Rachel has no respect for others, or herself. She also cannot function without caffeine because she is a work-a-holic. A Rachel often has muscular man arms and a large nose. She loves to run so she has huge amazon thighs. She also often continues to dress like an awkward poser punk teenager even when she is well past her high school years.

If ever near a Rachel, beware, and keep your man close to you.
Did you see the man arms on that Rachel?
by DontMessBaby December 13, 2010
The most amazing name ever to be spoken. Rachel has every quality. Shes dead sexy.
"o00oh look at that girls legs, she looks like a Rachel!"
by rayychelll February 03, 2010
1. A very smart girl, who can have a mean side.

2. Bitchy girl who loves to be with her friends. Her laugh will attract people and she loves to be the center of attention. Has friends who compete for her and she usually chooses the newer one. Her skills are amazing and often calls herself by that word. She goes above and beyond the word friend. And will go out of her way to help them. Her bestfriend(s) is usually a boy, but has one best girl friend. Doesnt care what others think and plays a sport that most people dont.
1. Dude she must be a rachel, i mean look at her.

2. Have you met rachel yet? Shes cool, but dont get on her bad side.
by mcmizz February 19, 2009
A girl with incredible hair. Rachel's are usually pretty and smart. Rachel's have good senses of humor and are fun to be around. Rachel's are shy at first but amazing once you get to know them. Rachel's are also very forgiving and have great butts.
Person 1: "Did you see Rachel's hair today? It's incredible!"

Person 2: "I know! I saw her in math class talking to Mike. What a lucky Bitch. It's not fair she's so pretty!


Guy 1: "Did you see Rachel in gym? Her ass is amazing!"

by br'senemy November 19, 2010
Smart, Beautiful, Sarcastic, tends to not be very social, but it's all an act. Tall or not, thin or not. usually blonde, and she will be your best friend untill you send her away. Can get very bored, but loves to laugh. How to tell if a Rachel likes you, she stares, writes your names a thousand and a half times, talks about you to her friends, or whenever your sitting by yourself comes and sits next to you. Almost always fun to be around, but DO NOT PISS HER OFF. Because her side for revenage has a smart way of thinking. :)
Person A: "Hey do you know Rachel well?"
Person B: "Yeah, she's really smart and funny."
by so called undeath April 04, 2010