Pretty girl who is funny and honest. every girl wants to be her <3 she is sometimes a bit shy but when you get to know her you realise she has a great personality :) !
#pretty #great #funny #rachel #honest
by erin.x3 January 04, 2010
one of the sweetest most kindest person in the world who is always right. And she'll tell you so!She also really likes Larry the cable guy who is one of the biggest rednecks of our time!!!
I love you Mom!!!!
"Git-r-done" Larry the cable guy
by tigger lover June 12, 2005
There are two types of rachels. the one who no one really likes or notices, or the ones who are soo fuckin kool and are the most gorgeous, sexy, smart, and sweetest girls a youl ever meet. this rachel is the type that everyone loves to be around and can often be the life of the party. make sure u find this type of rachel in your life cuz she will make it complete. they are also the best in bed! yet no one can really get there hands on her for she has a boyfriend who she is absolutely in love with.
Wow i wish rachel would notice me..shes so beautiful..i love her
#beautiful #sexy #sweet #gorgeous #amazing
by oak510fosho October 08, 2008
Refers to a unique specimen of woman ~ Zany sense of humor, adventurous, and fun in the sack. A definite keeper.
"One of those Rachels rocked my socks off with complete disregard for the neighbors..."
#hottie #spanky #rascal #whistle britches #argle bargles
by Platypus4Prez July 01, 2009
Whoever hates a Rachel is obviouly a social reject. There are two types of Rachels. Type 1- little miss confident! she loves to party, she has many friends and will catch the eye of any passing guys. Type 2- The girl who is misunderstood. She does have friends but she has her enemies. Her enemies are simply people who don't really have a clue what she is like. If you are reading this and thinking of a Rachel who you feel you hate... Shame on you... Speak to her and see how you feel then. =P
Example of Type 1) Girl one- Wow did you see that Rachel? She is such a pulling machine! She has only gone and got THE hottest guy in the year! Girl two- I know, but her outfit is totally awesome!

Example of Type 2) Guy 1) Did you see Rachel? Talk about a wierdo or what?! Guy2) Actually another mate of mine said she was pretty cool. Laters i'm going to check out a Rachel...!
#popular #smart #funny #pretty #misunderstood #judged
by anonymous. =P July 21, 2009
Rachel is a females name who is typically a very sweet, sexy, and smart girl who would put you before herself. She would often do anything for the people she cares about and most everybody can't help but absolutely love her and her personality. Rachel is very elegant and very beautiful with everything she does. At any given moment has numerous guys that would love to be able to just hold her in their arms. Well loved by everyone.
Rachel is still really elegant even though it seems she just slipped on nothing...
#sexy #sweet #perfect #elegant #stunning #beautiful
by hdrewskis February 03, 2010
A girl who just understand everything. She is annoyingly optimistic and even though she has been through a lot, she sees everything as beautiful. She tends to be a little bit crazy and has to have her way, but not in a way that makes her bitchy or a brat. She is the most beautiful, understanding girl you will ever meet and has the most enchanting eyes. People who don't know her don't like her very much because she gets a ton of male attention, but once you meet one, you'll be hooked. Boys, BE CAREFUL. If you meet a Rachel you WILL fall for her and you can never forget her because she'll be tattooed on your heart.
#rachelle #girl #trust #loyal #inlove
by Estino Dono May 09, 2010
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