to be very slow at something, or mentally challenged/handicapped.
it's pretty much a kind way of saying someone is really stupid.
"yo lisa, that girl is as locally developed as rachel from camp." - julia.
"i know eh? she pulled a total haggar fundle." - lisa.
by Lisa Loughridge February 10, 2008
A rachel seeks attention by attempting to commit suicide by stupid means for example strangling self with school tie, getting drunk and over reacting, claiming to have taken an overdose, going to school, being rushed to hospital only to have the gay nurses snigger behind their back because they are more likely to die from a broken nail.
Random person1: Rachel you suck
Rachel-(attempting to commit suicide)

next day-
Rachel-" My boyfriend can't get it up" (cries)
Random person2: *laughs ass off*
Rachel: is it me?
Random person:Yes
by blubberblubber June 22, 2006
Some kind of sub-par hooker who can be a real biatch. Needs to be less "skank-tacular" and stop her incessant whoring.
Me:I saw Rachel last night
Him: How much she charge?
Me: Only 10 this time.
Him: Good deal!
to be so tan, you look almost nigerian.
Damn homey, that honey was so rachel she reminds me of the african motherland.
by michael kano December 15, 2008
aka Rachel Ray Ray;
Loves to do the stanky leg, has tons of friends, and bright blue eyes. Is a vegetarian but gets her protein in other ways. Knows what she wants, and eventually gets it. Loves all men, especially tall ones. Has many sexual jokes up her sleeve.
"Look at that rachel..dammnnnn"

A quote from a rachel: "My man gonna treat me right! he gonna buy me a cadillac cts!"
by BOSSA8689 May 07, 2009
The name defines a very big and ugly girl who is a black G wannabe. She can also be referred to as chugs or chugly. She thinks shes the hottest shit when really, shes not. Annoying slut that clings onto and sucks the life out of her hot boyfriend who is sick of her. She needs to get a clue, get the eff away, and find herself a G.
Man, that chugly girl wont leave her boyfriend. She must be a Rachel.
by sexykitty May 15, 2009
A Girl with really big and hairy lips with garlic powder, oregano, magic fairy dust, and mozerella cheese melted on top.
Example 1:

Mike: What did u say about rahcel's hairy lips, chris?

Example 2:

Melvin: Let's order a pizza - without the cheese...
Mike: Without Rachel's Lips!? HAHAHA
by BigLipsLover1019 July 25, 2008

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