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The PROPER way to spell Rachel.
Not Rachael, Rachal, or Racheal
woah, look at Rachael
Bitch its spelled Rachel
by Rachiee poo June 24, 2011
Rachels are so fabulous you have no idea what has just hit you. When you walk down a street you can instantly spot a Rachel just from her sparkling eyes, and amazing bod. Rachel's are sexy, funny, beautiful and awesome to be around. You are seriously lucky if you know a Rachel. Rachel's are the most fun you can have without eating cheeseburgers.
I love that Rachel, she's so great, and I always have fun, even when we aren't eating cheeseburgers.
by Jarlsburg <3 June 02, 2009
(n.) one, usually a girl but can be a really fem man, who spazzes about everything, but in a fun, lovable and entertaining way.
note: these spazzes are not bad like flipping out on someone, they are energetic ways of telling interesting or non-interesting stories
look at how her hands are shaking, she's such a rachel.
by banana!!! April 01, 2009
the nicest, most chill girl who cares about everyone. always there for u and brings happiness into ur life when ur down.
OMG! i love her. shes such a rachel
by FUCK UR DAMN FACE January 19, 2009
The type of girl that is artsy and weird yet makes friends easily. She loves to attract weird looks with her silly behavior and is the soul entertain to some. Cute and perverted she's skinny despite eating a lot; making others jealous of her. She's the kind of girl guys are attracted too, but too late, she's already got someone. Rachel will listen to your problems despite the hour of the day but doesn't like to open up to others. She's a caring person to both family and friends alike and doesn't get mad easily.
Look at that girl over there. She so silly that she just has to be a Rachel.
by Stray-Cat February 08, 2010
An unbelievably awesome, sexy, fantastic, wonderful, cute, fun, flirty, gorgeous, confident person who is an awesome kisser.
Rachel, or that sexy person at a party
by pseudonym99 October 08, 2008
A extremely sexy, hot and attractive female that attracts every guy that she meets
Joe: I meet a totally hot girl last night
Michael: I know, I saw you with her. She is such a Rachel
by Katie_1993 January 26, 2009