Rachel is an average. She's average weight, average height, average smartness, and average looking. She has one of the two most common hair colors, blond or brown and has one of the two most common eye colors, blue or brown. She isn't the brightest bulb in the shed but she's a terrific friend. She'll never gossip about her friends and always stands up for them. Rachels are cool.
Person: "Rachel stood up for me against her other friends. Rachel is my best friend forever."
by SuperInsaneSoul March 09, 2014
A total perverted pedophile that is super awesome and is a great friend. She loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims and messing with her family, especially. Very lovable and caring. Will help you even in the worst of times and will try her best to make you happy. And lastly, she has HUGE BOOBS!!!
Yeah, you fucking rock, Rachel.
by Dafuq is a pseudonym? December 09, 2013
Probably the weirdest/craziest girl you will ever meet. She just blurts out random things at random times. If you looked up psycho in the dictionary you'd probably see her name and a big picture of her with black lipstick on. She seems completely normal when you first meet her, but when you really get to know her shes the furthest thing from normal. Shes a sexy little flapjack.
Person 1: Hey did you see Rachel the other day?
Person2: What?! That animal has a name?!
by Humphree March 22, 2012
Derived from the greek term (perfection); A Rachel is known and the most beautiful females of all time. A Rachel is quite easy to spot with her beautiful hair, a tiffanys braclet, Abercrombie outfits, and the nicest ass you will ever see.
That girl was so beautiful! Damn man, she was a Rachel.
by HeySexyBaby March 15, 2007
A horse-human. She is the offspring of Larry and Jean. She has enormous horse eyes and very horse-like tits. She loves to eat hay, carrots and sugar cubes. She is beautiful, as beautiful as a horse can be, that is and has a lovable personality. I love her.
(written by her father Jean)
That girl is like a rachel, she can practically see behind herself with those enormous eyes. Her peripherals must be amazing
by ElPadre895 December 22, 2012
The bitchiest girl you will ever meet. She will do anything to get back at you. She will steal your money, your job, and whatever happiness you have in your life. She can often be found bitching at other people who she does not even know.
That girl is such a bitch. She doesn't stop at anything. I bet her name is Rachel.
by PussySlayer13 July 07, 2014
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